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f the Sicyonians in its turn was recaptured by the citizens of Sicyon themselves and the Arcadians; as for the Athenians,366 B.C. none of their allies came to their assistance, and they retired and left Oropus in the possession of the Thebans pendingtructions to their generals to see to it that Corinth also should be kept safe for the Athenian people; and on hearing of366 B.C. this the Corinthians speedily sent adequate garrisons of their own to every place where Athenians were on guard and toldity but likewise inflicted much harm upon their enemies near home; but to Thebes they sent messengers to ask whether they366 B.C. could obtain peace if they came for it. And when the Thebans bade them come, saying that peace would be granted, the Corers — Messene. So the Corinthians, upon hearing these words, proceeded to Thebes to make the peace. The Thebans, however,366 B.C. wanted them to bind themselves to an alliance as well; but they replied that an alliance was not peace but an exchange o
en in a long time out of those who were not valiant. Now while the leaders of the Arcadians were363 B.C. using the sacred treasures, i.e., of Olympia. and therefrom maintaining the Epariti, the Mantinhemselves, they collected in their city the amount which fell to their share towards the payment363 B.C. of the Epariti and sent it off to the leaders. The leaders, however, said that they were doing unless they sent them a summons. And while they said this to the Thebans, at the same time they363 B.C. reasoned that they had no desire for war. For they held that they had no desire for the presidehim in this matter that of the Mantineans, whom they most wanted to capture, they had but a very363 B.C. few; for because their city was near by, almost all of them had gone home. Now when day came anre rightly when he seized the men than when he released them. “For,” he said to the ambassadors,363 B.C. “it was on your account that we entered upon war, and you concluded peace without our approval;<
ing this deed he sailed back home.Not long after this the Eleans seized Lasion,365 B.C. which in ancient times had been theirs, but at present belonged to the Arcadiahe matter pass, but at once called out their troops and went to the rescue. And365 B.C. on the side of the Eleans the Three Hundred and likewise the Four Hundred Appay of Charopus, Thrasonidas, and Argeius were trying to convert the state into a365 B.C. democracy, and the party of Eualcas, Hippias, and Stratolas into an oligarchy.earned the news in regard to Olurus, they in their turn made a roundabout march365 B.C. and as best they could got into their own sity, Pellene. And after this they ce stockade, and, being thus in a safe position, besieged the people in Cromnus.365 B.C. Then the city of Lacedaemon, distressed at the besieging of its citizens, senten of the Eleans, as they rode along, caught sight of the Pylians, they did not365 B.C. delay, but attacked at once, and they killed some of them, while others fled f
ians one. And the whole number who were captured of the Spartiatae and the Perioeci came to more than one hundred. When the Arcadians were no longer occupied with364 B.C. Cromnus, they occupied themselves again with the Eleans, and they not only kept Olympia more strongly garrisoned, but also, since an Olympic year was coming on, , who say that they were the first to have charge of the sanctuary. But when the month came in which the Olympic games take place and the days on which the festal364 B.C. assembly gathers, at this time the Eleans, after making their preparations openly and summoning the Achaeans to their aid, proceeded to march along the road leadt day they led their allies forward, as men who were unexcelled in valour, and they not only routed the Arcadians at once — for it was these whom they encountered364 B.C. first — but withstood the attack of the Argives when they came to the rescue, and won the victory over them also. When, however, they had pursued the enemy to th