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Oxford (United Kingdom) (search for this): text Const. Lac., chapter 13
rs also attend the King's mess. These three take entire charge of the commissariat for the King and his staff, so that these may devote all their time to affairs of war. But I will go back to the beginning, and explain how the King sets out with an army. First he offers up sacrifice at home to Zeus the Leader and to the gods associated with him.Or, if we read oi( su\n au)tw=| with Haase, “he and his staff.” By “the associated gods” we should understand Castor and Pollux, the Dioscuri. In the Oxford text I gave toi=n sioi=n, “the twin gods.” If the sacrifice appears propitious, the Fire-bearer takes fire from the altar and leads the way to the borders of the land. There the King offers sacrifice again to Zeus and Athena. Only when the sacrifice proves acceptable to both these deities does he cross the borders of the land. And the fire from these sacrifices leads the way and is never quenched, and animals for sacrifice of every sort follow. At all times when he offers sacrifice, th