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1500 AD 9 9 Browse Search
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Asculum (Italy) 6 0 Browse Search
1600 AD 5 5 Browse Search
Sicily (Italy) 4 0 Browse Search
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CONCERNING REMUS AND ROMULUSThis is a transcript, with slight variations, of the first of the Excerpta "Concerning the Kings." FROM THE COLLECTION OF MAX. TREU (1880) WHEN Troy was captured on the 8th day of the month of December, Æneas fled to Mount Ida, passing through the Achæans, who gave way to him as he was carrying off his household gods and his family. Others say that it was not that pious sight that saved him, but that Æneas had often urged the barbarians to give Helen back to the Achæans. There, having collected a band of Phrygians,Mendelssohn considers the text spurious down to this point. he departed to Laurentum, and having married Lavinia, the daughter of Latinus, king of the Aborigines, he built a city and named it Lavinium after his wife. Three years later Latinus died, and Æneas succeeded to the kingdom, by virtue of his marriage relationship, and gave the name of Latins to the Ab