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Troy (Turkey) 210 0 Browse Search
Italy (Italy) 68 0 Browse Search
Tiber (Italy) 52 0 Browse Search
Rome (Italy) 44 0 Browse Search
Latium (Italy) 30 0 Browse Search
Carthage (Tunisia) 22 0 Browse Search
Crete (Greece) 20 0 Browse Search
Greece (Greece) 16 0 Browse Search
Sicily (Italy) 14 0 Browse Search
Eryx (Italy) 14 0 Browse Search
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ov'ring mists around his brows are spread, And night, with sable shades, involves his head.” “Seek not to know,” the ghost replied with tears, “The sorrows of thy sons in future years. This youth (the blissful vision of a day) Shall just be shown on earth, and snatch'd away. The gods too high had rais'd the Roman state, Were but their gifts as permanent as great. What groans of men shall fill the Martian field! How fierce a blaze his flaming pile shall yield! What fun'ral pomp shall floating Tiber see, When, rising from his bed, he views the sad solemnity! No youth shall equal hopes of glory give, No youth afford so great a cause to grieve; The Trojan honor, and the Roman boast, Admir'd when living, and ador'd when lost! Mirror of ancient faith in early youth! Undaunted worth, inviolable truth! No foe, unpunish'd, in the fighting field Shall dare thee, foot to foot, with sword and shield; Much less in arms oppose thy matchless force, When thy sharp spurs shall urge thy foaming horse.