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Eryx (Italy) 20 0 Browse Search
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Straightway he calls assembly of his friends, — Acestes first in honor,—and makes known Jove's will, the counsel of his cherished sire, and his own fresh resolve. With prompt assent they hear his word, nor does Acestes fail the task to share. They people the new town with women; and leave every wight behind who wills it—souls not thirsting for high praise. Themselves re-bench their ships, rebuild, and fit with rope and oar the flame-swept galleys all; a band not large, but warriors bold and true. Aeneas, guiding with his hand a plough, marks out the city's ground, gives separate lands by lot, and bids within this space appear a second Troy. Trojan Acestes takes the kingly power, and with benignant joy appoints a forum, and decrees just laws before a gathered senate. Then they raise on that star-circled Erycinian hill, the temple to Idalian Venus dear; and at Anchises' sepulchre ordain a priesthood and wide groves of hallowed s