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Ceres (Italy) 16 0 Browse Search
Jupiter (Canada) 16 0 Browse Search
Phrygia (Turkey) 8 0 Browse Search
Hallo (Pennsylvania, United States) 4 0 Browse Search
Athens (Greece) 2 0 Browse Search
Horace (Ohio, United States) 2 0 Browse Search
Scythia 2 0 Browse Search
Capua (Italy) 2 0 Browse Search
Eleusis (Greece) 2 0 Browse Search
Bologna (Italy) 2 0 Browse Search
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Hallo (Pennsylvania, United States) (search for this): act 2, scene 3
EUCLIO, alone. EUCLIO going to the door of his house, he opens it, and calls to STAPHYLA within. Where are you who have now been blabbing to all my neighbours that I'm going to give a portion to my daughter? Hallo! Staphyla, I'm calling you! Don't you hear? Make haste in-doors there, and wash the vessels clean. I've promised my daughter in marriage; to-day I shall give her to be married to Megadorus here. from the house. STAPHYLA as she enters. May the Gods bestow their blessings on it! But, i' faith, it cannot be; 'tis too sudden. EUCLIO Hold your tongue, and be off. Take care that things are ready when I return home from the Forum, and shut the house up. I shall be here directly. (Exit.) STAPHYLA What now am I to do? Now is ruin near at hand for us, both for myself and my master's daughter; for her disgrace and her delivery are upon the very point of becoming known; that which even until now has been concealed and kept secret, cannot be so now. I'll go in-doors, that what my maste