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Epidamnus (Albania) 36 0 Browse Search
Syracuse (Italy) 16 0 Browse Search
Tarentum (Italy) 14 0 Browse Search
Cygnus (California, United States) 8 0 Browse Search
Sicily (Italy) 8 0 Browse Search
Syracuse (New York, United States) 6 0 Browse Search
Troy (Massachusetts, United States) 6 0 Browse Search
Jupiter (Alabama, United States) 6 0 Browse Search
Athens (Greece) 6 0 Browse Search
Ulysses (Kansas, United States) 4 0 Browse Search
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Hallo (Pennsylvania, United States) (search for this): act 4, scene 3
ing for the same thing back again. I'll put up with it; keep it to yourself; take it away; make use of it, either yourself or your wife, or squeeze it into your money-boxInto your money-box: "As you make so much fuss about and it is so valuable, squeeze it up into your money-box." even. After this day, that you mayn't be deceived, you shan't set your foot in this house, since you hold me in contempt, who deserve so well of you. Unless you bring money, you'll be disappointed; you can't cajole me. Find some other woman, henceforth, for you to be disappointing. MENAECHMUS of Epidamnus. By my troth, very angry at last. Hallo! you; stay, I bid you. Come you back. Will you stay now? Will you even for my sake come back? EROTIUM goes into her house, and shuts the door. She has gone indoors, and shut the house. Now I'm regularly barred out; I have neither any credit at home now, nor with my mistress. I'll go and consult my friends on this matter, as to what they think should be done. (Exit.)