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XXXI. During the last fifteen years] His annis quindecim. "It was at this time, A.U.C. 641, twenty-two years since the death of Tiberius Gracchus, and ten since that of Caius; Sallust, or Memmius, not to appear to make too nice a computation, takes a mean."Bernouf The manuscripts however, vary; some read fifteen, and others twelve. Cortius conjectured twenty, as a rounder number, which Kritzius and Dietsch have inserted in their texts. Twenty is also found in the Editio Victoriana, Florence, 1576. you have been a sport to the arrogance of an oligarchy; how dishonorably, and how utterly unavenged, your defenders have perished;Your defenders have perished] Perierint vestri defensores. Tiberius and Caius Gracchus, and their adherents. and how your spirit has become degenerate by sloth and indolence; for not even now, when your enemies are in your power, will you rouse yourselves to action, but continue still to stand in awe of those to whom you should be a terror. " Yet, notwithstanding