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Lesbos (Greece) (search for this): book 5, card 722
When Caesar's troops were gathered in their strength And Magnus saw the battle day was near Before his camp, Cornelia he resolved To send to Lesbos' shore, from rage of fight Safe and apart: so lifting from his soul The weight that burdened it. Thus, lawful Love, Thus art thou tyrant o'er the mightiest mind! His spouse was the one cause why Magnus stayed Nor met his fortunes, though he staked the world And all the destinies of Rome. The word He speaks not though resolved; so sweet it seemed, When on the future pondering, to gain A pause from Fate! But at the close of night, When drowsy sleep had fled, Cornelia sought To soothe the anxious bosom of her lord And win his kisses; when amazed she saw His cheek was tearful, and with boding soul Shrank from the hidden wound, nor dared surprise Magnus in tears. But sighing thus he spake: ' Dearer to me than life itself, when life 'Is happy (not at moments such as these); 'The day of sorrow comes, too long delayed, 'Nor long enough! With Caes