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a lectisternium, the fifth since the founding of the City, was held this year, to propitiate the same deities as before.The first of these banquets for the gods took place in 399 B.C., the others in 392, 364, and 348. then the new consuls, having sent fetials, as commanded by the people, to declare war on the Samnites, not only began themselves to make ready for it, on a much greater scale in every respect than they had done against the Greeks, but received new and at that time quite unlooked for help. for the Lucanians and Apulians, nations which until then had had no dealings with the Roman People, put themselves under their protection and promised arms and men for the war, and were accordingly received into a treaty of friendship. at the same time, the Romans conducted a successful campaign in Samnium. three towns —Allifae, Callifae, and Rufrium —fell into their hands, and the rest of the country was devastated far and wide at the first coming of the consuls.