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. Finally the view of the majority prevailed, that the same legates who had gone to the Roman consul should be sent to Hannibal. Before they went to him and' before the plan to revolt was settled upon, I find in some of the annals that legates were sent to Rome by the Campanians with the demand that, if they wished' them to aid the Roman state, one of the consuls should be a Campanian;Cicero mentions this demand of Capua; Leg. Agr. II. 95. that resentment was aroused and the legates were ordered to be removed from the Senate House, and that a lictor was sent to lead them out of the city and bid them lodge that night outside of Roman territory. Because there was once a suspiciously similar demand made by the Latins,That one of the consuls should be from Latium, 340 B.C., VIII. v. 5 and 7 (the threat of Manlius mentioned below, xxii. 7). and Coelius and other historians had not without reason omitted the matter, I have been afraid to set this down as established.