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HAVING returned from Campania to the land ofB.C. 215 the Bruttii, Hanno,He had been with Hannibal around Nola, and was sent back to the country of the Bruttii; XXIII. xlvi. 8. with the Bruttii as supporters and guides, attacked the Greek cities,Operations against Regium, Locri and Croton, barely mentioned in XXIII. xxx. 6 ff., are given here in greater detail. It is late autumn, 215 B.C. which were all the more ready to remain in alliance with Rome because they saw that the Bruttii, whom they both hated and feared, had gone over to the side of the Carthaginians. Regium was the first city to be attacked, and some days were spent there to no purpose. Meantime the Locrians hastily brought grain and wood and the other things needed to supply their wants from the farms into the city, also that no booty might be left for the enemy. And every day a larger crowd poured out of all the gates. Finally there were left in the city only six hundred men, who were made to repair walls a