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Ireland (Irish Republic) (search for this): narrative 3
f Wales. Chap. 9. I CAST to speake of Ireland but a litle: Commodities of it I will e Kiddes, and Conies great plentie. So that if Ireland helpe us to keepe the sea, Because the King cdefend, That no enemie should hurt ne offend, Ireland ne us: but as one commontie Should helpe wellnemies to abide. Why speake I thus so much of Ireland ? For all so much as I can understand, It is fremember with all your might to hede To keepe Ireland that it be not lost. For it is a boterasse anI shall say with avisement: I am aferde that Ireland will be shent: It must awey, it wol bee lostal onely for that soile and site, Of fertile Ireland , wich might not be forborne, But if England t our ground is there a litle corner, To all Ireland in true comparison. It needeth no more this ll willed of puissance This said ground of Ireland to conquere. And yet because England mighteeres or foure gadred up here, Might winne Ireland to a finall conqueste, In one sole yeere t[2 more...]
Portugal (Portugal) (search for this): narrative 3
or loth, But a little Mader and Flemish Cloth: By Drapering of our wooll in substance Liven her commons, this is her governance, Without wich they may not live at ease. Thus must hem sterve, or with us must have peace. Of the commodities of Portugal . The second Chapter. THE Marchandy also of Portugal By divers lands turne into sale. Portugalers with us have trouth in hand: Whose Marchandy commeth much into England. They ben our friends, with their commoPortugal By divers lands turne into sale. Portugalers with us have trouth in hand: Whose Marchandy commeth much into England. They ben our friends, with their commodities, And wee English passen into their countrees. Her land hath wine, Osey, Ware, and Graine, Figges, Reysins, Hony and Cordoweyne: Dates, and Salt, Hides, and such Marchandy: And if they would to Flanders passe for by, They should not bee suffred ones ner twyes, For supporting of our cruell enemies, That is to say Flemings with her gyle: For changeable they are in little while. Then I conclude by reasons many moe,
marchandy In common use then done all other nations: This have I heard of marchants relations: And if the English ben not in the marts They ben feeble, and as nought bene her parts. For they byemore, and fro purse put out More marchandie then all the other rowte. Kept then the see, shippes should not bring ne fetch, And then the carreys wold not thidre stretch: And so those marts wold full evill thee, If we manly kept about the see. Of the commodities of Brabant and Zeland and Henauld and marchandy carried by land to the martes. Cap. 8. YET marchandy of Brabant and Zeland The Madre and Woad, that dyers take on hand To dyen with, Garlike and Onions, And saltfishe als for husband and commons. But they of Holland at Caleis byen our felles, And wolles our, that Englishmen hem selles. And the chaffare that Englishmen doe byen In the marts, that noe man may denien, Is not made in Brabant that cuntree: It commeth from out of Henauld, not by see, But al by land,
Fowey (United Kingdom) (search for this): narrative 3
ne, and him excused, Rehearsing that the mount of Saincte Michael, And Sainct Malo would never a dell Be subject unto his governance, Nor be under his obeysance: And so they did withouten him that deede. But when the king anon had taken heede: Hee in his herte set a judgement, Without calling of any Parliament, Or greate tarry to take long advise To fortifie anon he did devise Of English Townes three, that is to say, Dertmouth, Plymouth , the third it is Fowey : And gave hem helpe and notable puisance With insistence set them in governance Upon pety Bretayne for to werre. Those good sea men would no more differre, But bete hem home and made they might not rowte, Tooke prisoners, and made them for to lowte. And efte the Duke, an ensample wise, Wrote to the king as he first did devise, Him excusing: But our men wood With great power passed over the floode And werred foorth into the Dukes londe, And had ny destroyed
Rone (Belgium) (search for this): narrative 3
leis was subject unto English coste. Him thought it was a jewel most of all, And so the same in Latine did it call. And if yee wol more of Caleis heare and knowe, I cast to write within a litle scrowe, Like as I have done before by and by In other parteis of our policie. Loke how hard it was at the first to get; And by my counsell lightly doe not it let. For if wee lese it with shame of face Wilfully, it is for lacke of grace. Howe was Harflew cried upon, and Rone , That they were likely for shought to be gone; Howe was it warned and cried on in England, I make record with this pen in my hand. It was warened plainely in Normandie , And in England, and I thereon did crie. The world was defrauded, it betyde right so. Farewell Harflew: lewdly it was a go. Nowe ware Caleis, I can say no better: My soule discharge I by this present letter. After the Chapitles of commodities of divers lands, sheweth the conclusion of keeping of t
Yron (France) (search for this): narrative 3
nd so make fade the flowers Of English state, and disteyne our honours? For cowardise alas it should so bee. Therefore I ginne to write nowe of the see. Of the commodities of Spaine and of Flanders. The first Chapter. KNOWE well all men that profits in certaine Commodities called comming out of Spaine And Marchandie, who so will weete what it is, Bene Figs, Raisins, wine Bastard, and Datis, And Licoris, Sivill oyle, and graine, White Pastill Sope, and Waxe is not vayne. Yron , Wooll, Wadmolle, Gotefell, Kidfell also: For Poynt-makers full needefull bene they tweyn: Saffron, Quickesilver, which owne Spaine Marchandy, Is into Flanders shipped full craftily, Unto Bruges as to her staple fayre: The Haven of Scluse hir Haven for her repayre Which is cleped Swyn tho shippes giding: Where many vessels and fayre are abiding. But these Marchandes with their shippes great, And such chaffare as they bye and get By the weyes must nede take on hand By th
Fleming (New Mexico, United States) (search for this): narrative 3
d pull. Under the board they pissen as they sit: This commeth of covenant of a worthie wit. Without Caleis in their Butter they cakked When they fled home, and when they leysure lacked To holde their siege, they went like as a Doe: Well was that Fleming that might trusse, and goe. For feare they turned backe and hyed fast, My Lord of Glocester made hem so agast With his comming, and sought hem in her land, And brent and slowe as he had take on hand: So that our enemies durst not bide, nor stereo in likewise I would were on the see By the Noble, that swerde should have power, And the ships on the sea about us here. What needeth a garland which is made of Ivie Shewe a taverne winelesse, also thrive I? If men were wise, the Frenchmen and Fleming Shuld bere no state in sea by werring. Then Hankin lyons shuld not be so bold To stoppe wine, and shippes for to hold Unto our shame. He had be beten thence. Alas, alas, why did we this offence, Fully to shend the old English fames; And the prof
Persia (Iran) (search for this): narrative 3
t curious: but I will interprete It into English, as I did it gete: Of king Edgar: O most marvellous Prince living, wittie, and chevalerous: So good that none of his predecessours Was to him liche in prudence and honours. Hee was fortunate and more gracious Then other before, and more glorious: He was beneth no man in holines: Hee passed all in vertuous sweetnes. Of English kings was none so commendable: To English men no lesse memorable, Then Cyrus was to Perse by puissance, And as great Charles was to them of France, And as to the Romanes was great Romulus, So was to England this worthy Edgarus. I may not write more of his worthines For lacke of time, ne of his holines: But to my matter I him exemplifie, Of conditions tweyne and of his policie: Within his land was one, this is no doubt, And another in the see without; That in time of Winter and of werre, When boystrous windes put see men into fere; Within his la
Florence (Italy) (search for this): narrative 3
he see, Cotton, Rochalum, and good gold of Genne. And then be charged with wolle againe I wenne, And wollen cloth of ours of colours all. And they adventure, as ofte it doth befall, Into Flanders with such things as they bye, That is their chefe staple sekerly: And if they would be our full enemies, They should not passe our stremes with marchandise. The commodities and nicetees of the Venetians and Florentines, with their Gallees. Chap. 7. THE great Galees of Venice and Florence Be well laden with things of complacence, All spicery and of grossers ware: With sweete wines all maner of chaffare, Apes, and Japes, and marmusets tayled, Nifles and trifles that little have avayled: And things with which they fetely blere our eye: With things not induring that we bye. For much of this chaffare that is wastable Might be forborne for dere and deceivable. And that I wene as for infirmities In our England are such commodities Withouten helpe of any ot
Cambria (United Kingdom) (search for this): narrative 3
This is our rule to maintaine marchandise, And policie that wee have on the sea. And, but God helpe, it will no other bee. Of the commodities of Ireland , and policie and keeping thereof, and conquering of wild Irish: with an incident of Wales. Chap. 9. I CAST to speake of Ireland but a litle: Commodities of it I will entitle, Hides, and fish, Salmon, Hake, Herringe, Irish wooll, and linen cloth, faldinge, And marterns goode ben her marchandie, Hertes Hides, and other s made that shame is to say: Our money spent al to litle availe, And our enimies so greatly doone prevaile, That what harme may fall and overthwerte I may unneth write more for sore of herte. An exhortation to the keeping of Wales. BEWARE of Wales, Christ Jesu mutt us keepe, That it make not our childers childe to weepe, Ne us also, so if it goe his way, By unwarenes: seth that many a day Men have bee ferde of her rebellion, By great tokens and ostentation: Sec
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