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Hampton (Virginia, United States) (search for this): narrative 3
e yee may rede every day, Howe it was done I leve and goe my way: It was so late done that yee it knowe, In comparison within a litle throwe: For which to God give we honour and glorie; For Lord of see the king was with victorie. Another incident of keeping of the see, in the time of the marveilous werriour and victorious Prince, King Henrie the fifth, and of his great shippes. AND if I should conclude all by the King Henrie the fift, what was his purposing, Whan at Hampton he made the great dromons, Which passed other great ships of all the commons; The Trinitie, the Grace de Dieu, the holy Ghost, And other moe, which as nowe bee lost. What hope ye was the kings great intent Of thoo shippes, and what in minde hee meant? It was not ellis, but that hee cast to bee Lorde round about environ of the see. And when Harflew had her siege about, There came caracks horrible great and stoute In the narrow see willing to abide, To stoppe us there wi
Holland (Netherlands) (search for this): narrative 3
then all the other rowte. Kept then the see, shippes should not bring ne fetch, And then the carreys wold not thidre stretch: And so those marts wold full evill thee, If we manly kept about the see. Of the commodities of Brabant and Zeland and Henauld and marchandy carried by land to the martes. Cap. 8. YET marchandy of Brabant and Zeland The Madre and Woad, that dyers take on hand To dyen with, Garlike and Onions, And saltfishe als for husband and commons. But they of Holland at Caleis byen our felles, And wolles our, that Englishmen hem selles. And the chaffare that Englishmen doe byen In the marts, that noe man may denien, Is not made in Brabant that cuntree: It commeth from out of Henauld, not by see, But al by land, by carts, and from France, Bourgoyne, Colein, Cameret in substance, Therefore at marts if there be a restraint, Men seyne plainely that list no fables paynt, If Englishmen be withdrawen away, Is great rebuke and losse to her affray:
Venice (Italy) (search for this): narrative 3
, So minisheth our commoditee. Now wol ye here how they in Cotteswold Were wont to borrow or they shold be sold Her woll good as for yere and yere. Of cloth and tinne they did in like manere: And in her galies ship this marchandie: Then soone at Venice of them men woll it bye. Then utterne there the chaffare by the peise, And lightly als there they make her reise. And when the goods beene at Venice sold, Then to carie her change they this money have, They will it profer, their subtiltie toVenice sold, Then to carie her change they this money have, They will it profer, their subtiltie to save, To English marchants to yeve it out by eschange To be payed againe they make not strange, At the receiving and sight of a letter, Here in England, seeming for the better, by foure pence lesse in the noble round: That is twelve pence in the golden pound. And if wee wol have of payment A full moneth, than must him needes assent To eight pence losse, that is shillings twaine In the English pound; as eft soone againe, For two moneths twelve pence must he pay. In the English pound what is tha
Bere (United Kingdom) (search for this): narrative 3
ould by sea have no deliverance. Wee should hem stop, and we should hem destroy, As prisoners we should hem bring to annoy. And so we should of our cruell enimies Make our friends for feare of marchandies, If they were not suffered for to passe Into Flanders. But we be frayle as glasse And also brittle, not thought never abiding; But when grace shineth soone are we sliding; We will it not receive in any wise: That maken lust, envie, and covetise: Expone me this; and yee shall sooth it find, Bere it away, and keepe it in your mind. Then shuld worship unto our Noble bee In feate and forme to lord and Majestie: Liche as the seale the greatest of this land On the one side hath, as I understand, A prince riding with his swerd ydraw, In the other side sitting, soth it is in saw, Betokening good rule and punishing In very deede of England by the king. And it is so, God blessed mought he bee. So in likewise I would were on the see By the Noble, that swerde should have power, And the ships o
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