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Somerset (United Kingdom) (search for this): narrative 320
The voyage of Matthew Gourney, a most valiant English Knight, against the Moores of Algier in Barbarie and Spaine. M. Camden pag. 159. IT is by no meanes to be passed over in silence, that Matthew Gourney, being a most valiant warriour in the reigne of Edward the third, lyeth buried at a certaine towne, in the countie of Somerset , commonly called Stoke under Hamden: who deceased in the 96. yeare of his age; and that (as it is manifest by the inscription of his monument) after he had valiantly behaved himselfe at the siege of Algizer against the Sarazens, and at the battailes of Benamazin, of Sluce, of Cressie, of Ingenos, of Poictou, and of Nazaran in Spaine.