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tome. Having paid custome inwards, you pay none outwards for any commoditie that you doe lade, more then a reward to the gate keepers. The waight there is called a Cantare for fine wares, as mettals refined, and spices &c. which is here 120.li. subtil. Mettall not refined, as lead, iron, and such grosse wares, are sold by a great Cantare, which is halfe as big againe: so it is 180.li. subtil of ours here. The measure of corne is by a measure called a Curtia, which is about 4. bushels of our measure, and corne is plentiful there and good cheape, except when there hapneth a very dry yeere. The surest lodging for a Christian there is in a Jewes house: for if he have any hurt, the Jew and his goods shall make it good, so the Jew taketh great care of the Christian and his goods that lieth in his house, for feare of punishment. An Englishman called Thomas Williams, which is M. John Tiptons man, lieth about trade of merchandize in the streete called The Soca of the Jewes.
Alger (Algeria) (search for this): narrative 367
Notes concerning the trade of Alger . THE money that is coined in Alger is a piece of gold called Asiano, & Doublaes, and two Doublaes make an Asiano, but the Doubla is most used, for aAlger is a piece of gold called Asiano, & Doublaes, and two Doublaes make an Asiano, but the Doubla is most used, for all things be sold by Doublaes, which Doubla is fiftie of their Aspers there. The Asper there is not so good by halfe & more, as that in Constantinople, for the Chekin of gold of the Turkes made at Constantinople is at Alger worth an 150. Aspers, and at Constantinople it is but 66. Aspers. The pistolet and roials of plate are most currant there. The said pistolet goeth for 130. Aspers thrth here but 40.s. the ounce, so the same is currant in no place of Turkie out of the kingdom of Alger , neither the Aspers, for that they be lesse then others be, for they coine them in Alger . ThAlger . The custome to the king is inward 10. per centum, to the Turke, to be paid of the commoditie it selfe, or as it shall be rated. There is another custome to the Ermine, of one & an halfe per centum, w