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Yron (France) (search for this): narrative 5
Of the commodities of Spaine and of Flanders. The first Chapter. KNOWE well all men that profits in certaine Commodities called comming out of Spaine And Marchandie, who so will weete what it is, Bene Figs, Raisins, wine Bastard, and Datis, And Licoris, Sivill oyle, and graine, White Pastill Sope, and Waxe is not vayne. Yron , Wooll, Wadmolle, Gotefell, Kidfell also: For Poynt-makers full needefull bene they tweyn: Saffron, Quickesilver, which owne Spaine Marchandy, Is into Flanders shipped full craftily, Unto Bruges as to her staple fayre: The Haven of Scluse hir Haven for her repayre Which is cleped Swyn tho shippes giding: Where many vessels and fayre are abiding. But these Marchandes with their shippes great, And such chaffare as they bye and get By the weyes must nede take on hand By the coasts to passe of our England, Betwixt Dover and Caleis, this is no doubt. Who can well els such matter bring about? And when these sayd Marchants