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Morris (Ohio, United States) (search for this): narrative 643
n her was captaine Maurice Browne. 5 The Squirrill, of burthen 10 tunnes: in which went captaine William Andrewes, and one Cade master. We were in number in all about 260 men: among whom we had of every faculty good choice, as Shipwrights, Masons, Carpenters, Smithes, and such like, requisite to such an action: also Minerall men and Refiners. Besides, for solace of our people, and allurement of the Savages, we were provided of Musike in good variety: not omitting the least toyes, as Morris dancers, Hobby horsse, and Maylike conceits to delight the Savage people, whom we intended to winne by all faire meanes possible. And to that end we were indifferently furnished of all petty haberdasherie wares to barter with those simple people. In this maner we set forward, departing (as hath bene said) out of Causon bay the eleventh day of June being Tuesday, the weather and winde faire and good all day, but a great storme of thunder and winde fell the same night. Thursday followin
England (United Kingdom) (search for this): narrative 643
er June, which in March, Apriell & May, hath bene performed out of England in 22 dayes and lesse. We had winde alwayes so scant from West northe sea. Upon Tuesday the 11 of June, we forsooke the coast of England . So againe Tuesday the 30 of July (seven weekes after) we got sighpart were such as had bene by us surprised upon the narrow seas of England , being pirats and had taken at that instant certaine Frenchmen lad to take possession of those lands to the behalfe of the crowne of England , and the advancement of Christian religion in those Paganish regioand dignitie thereof, had delivered unto him (after the custome of England ) a rod & a turffe of the same soile, entring possession also for hf, agreeable (so neere as conveniently might be) unto the lawes of England : under which all people comming thither hereafter, either to inhaband executed as in case of high treason, according to the lawes of England . The 3. if any person should utter words sounding to the dishonour
Orders thus determined, and promises mutually given to be observed, every man withdrew himselfe unto his charge, the ankers being already weyed, and our shippes under saile, having a soft gale of winde, we began our voyage upon Tuesday the eleventh day of June, in the yere of our Lord 1583, having in our fleet (at our departure from Causet bay) these shippes, whose names and burthens, with the names of the captaines and masters of them, I have also inserted, as followeth: 1 The Delight alias The George, of burthen 120 tunnes, was Admirall: in which went the Generall, and William Winter captaine in her and part owner, and Richard Clearke master. 2 The Barke Raleigh set forth by M. Walter Raleigh, of the burthen of 200 tunnes, was then Vice-admirall: in which went M. Butler captaine, and Robert Davis, of Bristoll master. 3 The Golden hinde, of burthen 40 tunnes, was then Reare-admirall: in which went Edward Hayes captaine and owner, and William Cox of Limehouse master.