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Ushant (France) (search for this): narrative 668
lyed up and downe betweene that and the Pico untill midnight, at which time the Antony shot off a piece and weyed, shewing his light: after whom the whole fleete stood to the East, the winde at Northeast by East. On Sunday the 27. towards Evening wee tooke our leave of the Admirall and the whole fleete, who stood to the East. But our shippe accompanied with a Flyboate stoode in againe with S. George, where we purposed to take in more fresh water, and some other fresh victuals. On Wednesday the 30. of September, seeing the winde hang so Northerly, that wee could not atteine the Iland of S. George, we gave over our purpose to water there, and the next day framed our due course for England . October.THE 2. of October in the Morning we saw S. Michaels Iland on our Starre board quarter. The 23. at 10. of the clocke afore noone, we saw Ushant in Britaigne. On Saturday the 24. we came in safetie, God be thanked, to an anker at Plymmouth.
6 Simon Ferdinando, Master of our Admiral, lewdly forsooke our Fly-boate, leaving her distressed in the Bay of Portugal. June. THE 19 we fell with Dominica , and the same evening we sayled betweene it, and Guadalupe : the 21 the Fly-boat also fell with Dominica . The 22 we came to an anker at an Island called Santa Cruz, where all the planters were set on land, staying there till the 25 of the same moneth. At our first landing on this Island, some of our our Pinnesse departed from Dominica leaving the John our Vice-admirall playing off and on about Dominica , hoping to take some Spaniard outwardes bound to the Indies; the same night we had sight of three smal Ilands called Los Santos, leaving Guadalupe and them on our starboord. The 3 we had sight of S. Christophers Iland, bearing Northeast and by East off us. On the 4 we sayled by the Virgines, which are many broken Ilands, lying at the East ende of S. Johns Iland: and the same day t
Ireland (Irish Republic) (search for this): narrative 668
of such Countryes, landes, and territories so to be possessed and inhabited as aforesayd with our Realmes of England and Ireland , and the better incouragement of men to these enterprises: we doe by these presents, graunt and declare that all such Atturneis, Deputies, Officers, Ministers, Factors, and servants, to imbarke & transport out of our Realme of England and Ireland , and the Dominions thereof, all or any of his or their goods, and all or any the goods of his and their associats and cohe pinnesse sent off their boate to us with 6 or 8 men, of whom we understood wee were in Smerwick in the West parts of Ireland : they also releeved us presently with fresh water, wine, and other fresh meate. The 18 the Governour and the Master Monkie, which at that time was ready to put to sea from Dingen for England , leaving the Flyboat and all his companie in Ireland . The same day we set sayle, and on the third day we fell with the North side of the lands end, and were shut up the Seve
England (Arkansas, United States) (search for this): narrative 668
against such as shall depart, remaine or continue out of our Realme of England without licence, or any other statute, act, law, or any orditories so to be possessed and inhabited as aforesayd with our Realmes of England and Ireland , and the better incouragement of men to these e noted or entred in some of our Courts of recorde within our Realme of England, that with the assent of the sayd Walter Ralegh, his heires oand every or any of them, being eyther borne within our sayde Realmes of England or Irelande, or in any other place within our allegiance, andas if they were borne and personally resident within our said Realme of England, any law, custome, or usage to the contrary notwithstanding. ers, Factors, and servants, to imbarke & transport out of our Realme of England and Ireland , and the Dominions thereof, all or any of his orrs, shall make open Proclamation within any the portes of our Realme of England, that the saide Walter Ralegh, his heires and assignes, and a
Portsmouth (United Kingdom) (search for this): narrative 668
is fleet) for the reliefe of whom hee had in that storme susteined more perill of wracke then in all his former most honourable actions against the Spanyards, with praises unto God for all, set saile the nineteenth of June 1586, and arrived in Portsmouth the seven and twentieth of July the same yeere. The third voyage made by a ship sent in the yeere 1586, to the reliefe of the Colony planted in Virginia , at the sole charges of Sir Walter Ralegh.IN the yeere of our Lord 1586 Sir Walter Ralegbut the next day we doubled the same for Mounts Bay. The 5 the Governour landed in England at Martasew, neere Saint Michaels mount in Cornewall. The 8 we arrived at Hampton , where we understood that our consort the Admiral was come to Portsmouth , and had bene there three weekes before: and also that Ferdinando the Master with all his company were not onely come home without any purchase, but also in such weaknesse by sicknesse, and death of their chiefest men, that they were scarse ab
Havana (Cuba) (search for this): narrative 668
f the Bay of Mexico, disbogging betweene the Cape of Florida and Havana , had bene of greater force then afterwardes we found it to bee. At00 tunnes loaden with the Kings treasure from the maine, bound for Havana ; from this 11 of July untill 22 we were much becalmed: and the winSunday the 26 of July plying too and fro betweene the Matancas and Havana , we were espied of three small Pinnasses of S. John de Ullua bound for Havana , which were exceeding richly loaden. These 3 Pinnasses came very boldly up unto us, and so continued untill they came within mus bene in our hands. This chase brought us so far to leeward as Havana : wherfore not finding any of our consorts at ye Matancas, we put oe with two Shippes of the mayne land, come from Mexico , bound for Havana , with whom he fought: in which fight our Viceadmirals Lieutenant whe shoare, to be Gallies of Havana and Cartagena , comming from Havana to rescue the two Ships; Wherefore they gave over their chase, and
Hopewell (Ohio, United States) (search for this): narrative 668
us committing the reliefe of my discomfortable company the planters in Virginia , to the merciful help of the Almighty, whom I most humbly beseech to helpe & comfort them, according to his most holy wil & their good desire, I take my leave: from my house at Newtowne in Kylmore the 4 of February, 1593.Your most welwishing friend, JOHN WHITE. The fift voyage of M. John White into the West Indies and parts of America called Virginia , in the yeere 1590.THE 20 of March the three shippes the Hopewell , the John Evangelist, and the Little John, put to Sea from Plymmouth with two small Shallops. The 25 at midnight both our Shallops were sunke being towed at the ships stearnes by the Boatswaines negligence. On the 30 we saw a head us that part of the coast of Barbary, lying East of Cape Cantyn, and the Bay of Asaphi. The next day we came to the Ile of Mogador, where rode, at our passing by, a Pinnesse of London called the Mooneshine. Aprill
Flanders (Belgium) (search for this): narrative 668
s in the same, by the very hand of God as it seemed, stretched out to take us from thence; considering also, that his second offer, though most honourable of his part, yet of ours not to be taken, insomuch as there was no possibility for her with any safety to be brought into the harbour: seeing furthermore, our hope for supply with Sir Richard Greenvill, so undoubtedly promised us before Easter, not yet come, neither then likely to come this yeere, considering the doings in England for Flanders , and also for America , that therefore I would resolve my selfe with my company to goe into England in that fleet, and accordingly to make request to the Generall in all our names, that he would be pleased to give us present passage with him. Which request of ours by my selfe delivered unto him, hee most readily assented unto: and so he sending immediatly his pinnesses unto our Island for the fetching away of a few that there were left with our baggage, the weather was so boisterous, & th
Roch (United Kingdom) (search for this): narrative 668
reason to the contrary, but that it will grow there excellent well, and by planting will be yeelded plentifully, seeing there is so much ground whereof some may well be applied to such purposes. What benefit heereof may grow in cordage and linnens who cannot easily understand? Allum. There is a veine of earth along the sea coast for the space of forty or fifty miles, whereof by the judgement of some that have made triall here in England , is made good Allum, of that kind which is called Roch allum. The richnesse of such a commodity is so well knowen, that I need not to say any thing thereof. The same earth doth also yeeld White coprasse, Nitrum, and Alumen plumeum, but nothing so plentifully as the common Allum, which be also of price, and profitable. Wapeih. A kind of earth so called by the naturall inhabitants, very like to Terra sigillata, and having bene refined, it hath bene found by some of our Physicians and Chyrurgians, to be of the same kind of vertue, and more effec
Jamaica (Jamaica) (search for this): narrative 668
nd of the Domingo fleete already taken by the John our consort, in the Indies. We learned also of this prize, that our Viceadmirall and Pinnesse had fought with the rest of the Domingo fleete, and had forced them with their Admirall to flee unto Jamaica under the Fort for succour, and some of them ran themselves aground, whereof one of them they brought away, and tooke out of some others so much as the time would permit. And further wee understood of them, that in their returne from Jamaica abJamaica about the Organes neere Cape Saint Anthony, our Viceadmirall mette with two Shippes of the mayne land, come from Mexico , bound for Havana , with whom he fought: in which fight our Viceadmirals Lieutenant was slaine, and the Captaines right arme strooken off, with foure other of his men slaine, and sixteene hurt. But in the ende he entred, and tooke one of the Spanish shippes, which was so sore shot by us under water, that before they could take out her treasure she sunke; so that we lost thirteen
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