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Virginia (Virginia, United States) (search for this): narrative 668
ges and Navigations of the English nation to Virginia , and the severall discoveries therof chiefly and reliefe of his Colony then remaining in Virginia : but before they set saile from England it our and Assistants of the Citie of Ralegh in Virginia . April. anker at Plimmouth, and departed thence for Virginia . The 16 Simon Ferdinando, Master of our AEdward Spicer, for that he never had bene in Virginia , would hardly finde the place, or els being this child was the first Christian borne in Virginia , shee was named Virginia . By this time our Virginia . By this time our ships had unladen the goods and victuals of the planters, and began to take in wood, and fresh watengs againe, or else at his comming againe to Virginia find himselfe utterly unfurnished, whereof ated John White, Governour of the planters in Virginia , to passe into England , for the better and the West Indies and parts of America called Virginia , in the yeere 1590.THE 20 of March the three[42 more...]
United States (United States) (search for this): narrative 668
the five and twentie day of March, in the sixe and twentith yeere of our Raigne. The first voyage made to the coasts of America , with two barks, where in were Captaines M. Philip Amadas, and M. Arthur Barlowe, who discovered part of the Countrey noer, not yet come, neither then likely to come this yeere, considering the doings in England for Flanders , and also for America , that therefore I would resolve my selfe with my company to goe into England in that fleet, and accordingly to make reqcially for the contentation of a delicate eare) the true discourse of my last voyage into the West Indies, and partes of America called Virginia , taken in hand about the end of Februarie, in the yeare of our redemption 1590. And what events happeneruary, 1593.Your most welwishing friend, JOHN WHITE. The fift voyage of M. John White into the West Indies and parts of America called Virginia , in the yeere 1590.THE 20 of March the three shippes the Hopewell , the John Evangelist, and the Little
Virginia (Alabama, United States) (search for this): narrative 668
hall bee declared the conspiracie of Pemisapan, with the Savages of the maine to have cut us off, &c. The first part declaring the particularities of the Countrey of Virginia. FIRST therefore touching the particularities of the Countrey, you shall understand that our discoverie of the same hath beene extended from the Iland of Rgs, as of those which wee have already discovered? Unto the Spaniards happened the like in discovering the maine of the West Indies. The maine also of this Countrey of Virginia, extending some wayes so many hundreds of leagues, as otherwise then by the relation of the inhabitants wee have most certaine knowledge of, where yet no Cin the yere 1587. Wherein was transported the second Colonie.IN the yeere of our Lord 1587. Sir Walter Ralegh intending to persevere in the planting of his Countrey of Virginia, prepared a newe Colonie of one hundred and fiftie men to be sent thither, under the charge of John White, whom hee appointed Governour, and also appointed
Westminster (United Kingdom) (search for this): narrative 668
contrary thereof, before this time, given, ordained, or provided, or any other thing, cause, or matter whatsoever, in any wise notwithstanding. In witnesse whereof, wee have caused these our letters to be made Patents. Witnesse our selves, at Westminster the five and twentie day of March, in the sixe and twentith yeere of our Raigne. The first voyage made to the coasts of America , with two barks, where in were Captaines M. Philip Amadas, and M. Arthur Barlowe, who discovered part of the Counion of the king of Weapomeiok, called Okisco: from Muscamunge we enter into the River, and jurisdiction of Chawanook: There the River beginneth to straighten untill it come to Chawanook, and then groweth to be as narrow as the Thames betewene Westminster , and Lambeth . Betwene Muscamunge and Chawanook upon the left hand as wee passe thither, is a goodly high land, and there is a Towne which we called The blinde Towne, but the Savages called it Ohanoak, and hath a very goodly corne field bel
London (United Kingdom) (search for this): narrative 668
24. we came to anker in a harbour, where wee caught in one tyde so much fish as would have yeelded us twentie pounds in London : this was our first landing in Florida . The 26. we came to anker at Wocokon. The 29. wee weighed anker to bring tdogges, in some place more, and in some lesse: the current runneth as strong, being entred so high into the River, as at London bridge upon a vale water. And for that not onely Menatonon, but also the Savages of Moratoc themselves doe report strength, and foure in breadth, doth there yeeld in croppe or ofcome of corne, Beanes and Peaze, at the least two hundred London bushels, besides the Macocquer, Melden, and Planta solis; when as in England forty bushels of our Wheat yeelded out of Aprill.ON the first of Aprill we ankored in Santa Cruz rode, where we found two great shippes of London lading in Sugar, of whom we had 2 shipboats to supply the losse of our Shallops. On the 2 we set sayle from the rod
China (China) (search for this): narrative 668
so much cared for by us: the inhabitants notwithstanding used to boile and eat many. Tsinaw, a kind of root much like unto that which in England is called the China root brought from the East Indies. And we know not any thing to the contrary but that it may be of the same kinde. These roots grow many together in great clusterf a gelly, and is much better in taste, if it be tempered with oile. This Tsinaw is not of that sort, which by some was caused to be brought into England for the China root; for it was discovered since, and is in use as is aforesayd: but that which was brought hither is not yet knowen, neither by us nor by the inhabitants to sere in our discovery have not yet seene. What hope there is els to bee gathered of the nature of the Climate, being answerable to the Iland of Japan, the land of China , Persia , Jury, the Ilands of Cyprus and Candy, the South parts of Greece , Italy and Spaine, and of many other notable and famous Countreys, because I meane not
stance, so that Master Lane maugre their troopes, caryed their salte aboord and laded his Frigat, and so returned againe to our fleete the 29. day, which road at S. Germans Bay. The same day we all departed, and the next day arrived in the Iland of Hispaniola. June. THE 1. day of June we anchored at Isabella, on the North side of Hispaniola. The 3. day of June, the Governour of Isabella, and Captaine of the Port de Plata, being certified by the reports ofivers of their commodities, as horses, mares, kine, buls, goates, swine, sheepe, bull-hides, sugar, ginger, pearle, tabacco, and such like commodities of the Iland. The 7. day we departed with great good will from the Spaniards from the Iland of Hispaniola: but the wiser sort doe impute this great shew of friendship, and courtesie used towards us by the Spaniards rather to the force that wee were of, and the vigilancie, and watchfulnesse that was amongst us, then to any heartie good will, or
Falmouth (United Kingdom) (search for this): narrative 668
was sent for England . The 25. our Generall wayed anker, and set saile for England . About the 31. he tooke a Spanish ship of 300 tunne richly loaden, boording her with a boate made with boards of chests, which fell asunder, and sunke at the ships side, assoone as ever he and his men were out of it. The 10. of September, by foule weather the Generall then shipped in the prize, lost sight of the Tyger. The 6. the Tyger fell with the Landes end, and the same day came to anker at Falmouth . The 18. the General came with the prize to Plymmouth, and was courteously received by divers of his worshipfull friends. The names of those as well Gentlemen as others, that remained one whole yeere in Virginia , under the Governement of Master Ralph Lane. MASTER PHILIP AMADAS, Admirall of the countrey. Master Hariot. Master Acton. Master Edward Stafford. Thomas Luddington. Master Marvyn.
England (United Kingdom) (search for this): narrative 668
and no more. ELIZABETH by the grace of God of England , France and Ireland Queene, defender of the furally and wild, which also by proofe here in England , in making a piece of Silke grogran, we foundartly in shape they are like to the beanes in England , saving that they are flatter, of more diversbs, Hurts or Hurtleberies, such as we have in England . Sacquenummener, a kinde of berries almostath, almost after the maner as we dry Malt in England . When they are to be used, they first water tand Shepy, and also in divers other places of England : Which kinde of lime is well knowen to be as May it please you, her Majesties subjects of England , we your friends and countrey-men, the plante the Admirall meant not to make any haste for England , but to linger about the Island of Tercera fo time was ready to put to sea from Dingen for England , leaving the Flyboat and all his companie in Mounts Bay. The 5 the Governour landed in England at Martasew, neere Saint Michaels mount in Co[76 more...]
Southside (Ohio, United States) (search for this): narrative 668
chase to a double flyboat, the which, we also the same day fought with, and tooke her, with losse of three of their men slaine, and one hurt. On Munday the 6 we saw Grand Canarie, and the next day we landed and tooke in fresh water on the Southside thereof. On the 9 we departed from Grand Canary, and framed our course for Dominica . The last of Aprill we saw Dominica , and the same night we came to an anker on the Southside thereof. May.TSouthside thereof. May.THE first of May in the morning many of the Salvages came aboord our ships in their Canowes, and did traffique with us; we also the same day landed and entered their Towne from whence we returned the same day aboord without any resistance of the Salvages; or any offence done to them. The 2 of May our Admirall and our Pinnesse departed from Dominica leaving the John our Vice-admirall playing off and on about Dominica , hoping to take some Spaniard outwardes bound to the Indies; the same night
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