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England (Arkansas, United States) (search for this): narrative 70
choose, sweare and admit other in their place or places, without contradiction, let, vexation or disturbance, either of us, our heires or successors, or of any other our Justices, officers, ministers or subjects whatsoever. 4 Item, we give and graunt unto the saide Marchants and their successours, that such person as is, or shalbe commended unto us, our heires or successors by the Governour, Consuls and assistants of the said fellowship resiant within the citie of London within the realme of England, to be their chiefe Factor within this our empire and dominions, may and shal have ful power and authoritie to governe and rule all Englishmen that have had, or shall have accesse, or repaire in or to this said Empire and jurisdictions, or any part thereof, and shal and may minister unto them, and every of them good justice in all their causes, plaints, quarrels, and disorders betweene them moved, and to be moved, and assemble, deliberate, consult, conclude, define, determine and mak
Moscow (Russia) (search for this): narrative 70
erties, franchises, and priviledges, like as presently we firmely doe intend, and will corroborate, autentike and performe the same by all meane and way that we can, as much as may be to the commoditie and profite of the said English Marchants, and their successours for ever. And to the intent that all and singuler the saide giftes, graunts and promises, may bee inviolably observed and performed, we the said John Vasilivich by the grace of God Emperor of Russia, great Duke of Novogrode, Mosco, &c. for us, our heires and successors, by our Imperiall and lordly word in stead of an othe, have and doe promise by these presents, inviolably to mainteyne and observe, and cause to be inviolably observed and mainteined all and singuler the aforesayde giftes, graunts and promises from time to time, and at all and every time and times heereafter. And for the more corroboration hereof have caused our Signet hereunto to be put: Dated in our Castle of Mosco the 20. day of in th
A copie of the first Privileges graunted by the Emperour of Russia to the English Marchants in the yeere 1555. JOHN Vasilivich, by the grace of God Emperor of Russia, great duke of Novogrode, Moscovia, &c. To all people that shal see, reade, heare or understand these presents, greeting. Forasmuch as God hath planted al realmes and dominions in the whole world with sundry commodities, so as the one hath neede of the amity and commodities of the other, and by means therof traffike is used from one to another, and amity therby increased: and for that as amongst men nothing is more to be desired then amity, without the which no creature being of a naturall good disposition can live in quietnes, so that it is as troublesome to be utterly wanting, as it is perceived to be grievous to the body to lacke aire, fire, or any other necessaries most requisite for the conservation and maintenance thereof in health: considering also how needfull marchandize is, which furnisheth men of all that wh