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Venice (Italy) (search for this): narrative 716
hee replied, saying, thou mayest thanke God thou art leane; for they feare thou hast the pocks; otherwise they would eate thee. So I presented to the king a little wine which I had with me in a bottle; which he esteemed above any treasure: for for wine they will sell their wives and children. Afterwards the wench asked me what I would have, and whether I would eat any thing. I answered that I desired a little water to drinke, for that the countrey is very hote: and shee brought me a great Venice glasse, gilded, full of water. And marvelling at the glasse, I demanded how they came by it. She tolde me that the Casique brought it from Shallapa, a great towne distant 30 leagues from this place on the hilles, whereas dwelt certeine Christians, and certeine friers of the Order of S. Augustine, which this Casique with his people on a night slew; and burning the friers monasterie, among other things reserved this glasse: and from thence also brought me. Having now bene conversant with them
Flanders (Belgium) (search for this): narrative 716
hee will returne thither, with his wife and children, and as for treasure there is abundance, as he maketh mention. In this countrey of Nova Hispania there are many buckes and does, but they have not so long hornes as they have here in England . The Spaniards kill them with handguns and with grayhounds, and the Indians kill them with their bowes and arrowes, and with the skins they make chamoyce, such as we in England make doublets and hose of, as good as the skins that are dressed in Flanders , & likewise they make marveilous good Spanish leather of them. There is a bird which is like unto a Raven, but he hath some of his feathers white: there is such abundance of them, that they eate all the corrupt and dead flesh which is in the countrey. Otherwise the abundance of carren is so much, that it would make a marveilous corrupt aire in all the Countrey, and be so noisome, that no man could abide it. Therefore it is commanded there shall none of them be killed. These birds are alway
s things to kindle fire every night, because of wilde beastes, and to dresse our meate: and every night when we rested, my Indian guides would make two great fires, betweene the which we placed our selves, and my horse. And in the night time we should heare the Lions roare, with Tygres, Ounces, and other beastes, and some of them we should see in the night, which had eyes shining like fire. And travailing thus for the space of twelve dayes, wee came at last to the port of Cavallos upon the East sea , distant from Guatimala South and by East, two hundreth leagues, and from Mexico 450. or thereabouts. This is a good harborough for shippes, and is without either castle or bulwarke. I having dispatched away my guides, went downe to the Haven, where I saw certaine ships loden chiefly with Canary wines, where I spake with one of the Masters, who asked me what Countrey man I was, and I told him that I was borne in Granado, & he said, that then I was his countreyman. I required him that I
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