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England (Arkansas, United States) (search for this): narrative 84
Memorandum, the day and yeere of our Lord above mentioned, in the house of the worshipfull John Dimmocke Citizen and Draper of London, situate within the famous Citie of London in the Realme of England, the above named honourable Osep Gregorywich Napea Ambassadour and Orator above mentioned, personally constituted and present, having declared unto him by the mouth of the right worshipfull master Anthonie Hussie Esquire, the effect of the causes and contents, of, and in this booke, at the interpretation of Robert Best his interpreter sworne, recognized, and knowledged in presence of me the Notarie & personages underwritten, the contents of this booke to be true, aswell for his owne person as for his servants above named, who did not subscribe their names as is above mentioned, but onely recognized the same. In witnesse whereof, I John Incent Notarie Publike, at the request of the said master Anthonie Hussie, and other of the Marchants have to these presents underwritten set my accus