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Java (Indonesia) (search for this): narrative 901
March having passed through the Straights of Java minor and Java major, wee came to an ancker under the Southwest parts of JJava major: where wee espied certaine of the people which were fishing by the sea side in a bay which was under the yland. Th to discover, and purposed to goe to Malaca . The people of Java tolde our Generall that there were certaine Portugals in th other side they declared unto us the state of the yland of Java . First the plentifulnes and great choise and store of victur we had fully contented these Portugals, and the people of Java which brought us victuals in their Canoas, they tooke their traversing that mightie and vaste Sea, betweene the yle of Java and the maine of Africa , observing the heavens, the Crosiewn and accompted for two thousand leagues from the yland of Java in the Portugall sea carts: but it is not so much almost byes which were Negros, & one which was borne in the yland of Java , which tolde us that the East Indian fleete, which were in
rvice unto him, and in respect thereof he neither could nor would conceale such treason as was in working against him and his company: and that was this. That the Spaniard which was taken out of the great sant Anne for a Pilote, whose name was Thomas de Ersola, had written a letter, and secretly sealed it and locked it up in his cheste, meaning to convey it by the inhabitants of this island to Manilla, the contents whereof were: That there had bene two English ships along the coast of Chili, Peru , Nueva Espanna, and Nueva Galicia, and that they had taken many shippes and marchandize in them, and burnt divers townes, and spoiled all that ever they could come unto, and that they had taken the kings ship which came from Manilla and all his treasure, with all the marchandize that was therein; and had set all the people on shore, taking himselfe away perforce. Therefore he willed them that they should make strong their bulwarks with their two Gallies, and all such provision as they could
England (United Kingdom) (search for this): narrative 901
th twentie thousand pounds, if it had bene in England or in any other place of Christendome where wich is almost as bigge as the Ile of Wight in England . There is planted on the one side of the Casice and set sayle joyfully homewardes towardes England with a fayre winde, which by this time was consigne having a red Crosse like the flagge of England , which were about 50 or 60 Spaniardes, which e island of Negros: and is almost as bigge as England , standing in 9 degrees: the most part of it suring them, that their King was alive, and in England , and had honourable allowance of our Queene, and that there was warre betweene Spaine and England , and that we were come under the King of Portuer very much from our partridges which are in England both in bignesse and also in colour. For theyh about the same bignesse which ours be of in England : their egges be white, and as bigge as a Turkecovered our long wished port of Plimmouth in England , from whence we set foorth at the beginning o[4 more...]
Canaries (Saint Lucia) (search for this): narrative 901
ges of the worshipfull Master Thomas Candish of Trimley in the Countie of Suffolke Esquire, beeing our Generall. On Tuesday the 26. of the same moneth, we were 45. leagues from Cape Finis terrae where wee mette with 5. sayles of Biskaynes comming from the Grande Bay in Newfound-land, as we supposed, which our Admirall shot at, and fought with them 3. houres, but wee tooke none of them by reason the night grew on. The first of August wee came in sight of Forteventura, one of the Isles of the Canaries, about ten of the clocke in the morning. On Sunday being the 7. of August, we were gotten as high as Rio del oro on the coast of Barbarie. On Munday the 19. we fell with cape Blanco : but the winde blew so much at the North, that we could not get up where the Canters doe use to ride and fish: therefore wee lay off 6. houres West Southwest, because of the sand which lieth off the cape Southwest and by South. The 15. day of the same moneth we were in the height of cape Verde b
Ambrose (Ohio, United States) (search for this): narrative 901
tly after they had carried the rest abourd. There were sixe and fortie of the enemies slaine by us, whereof they had dragged some into bushes, and some into olde houses, which wee found afterward. Wee lost twelve men in maner following. 1 Zacharie Saxie,Slaine by the enemie. 2 Neales Johnson, 3 William Geirgifield, 4 Nicolas Hendie, 5 Henry Cooper, 1 Robert Maddocke, killed with his peece. 2 Henry Mawdly, burnt. 1 Edward the gunners man, drowned. 2 Ambrose the musitian, 1 Walter Tilliard,taken prisoners. 2 Edward Smith, 3 Henry Aselye, The selfe same day being the second of June, we went on shoare againe with seventie men, and had a fresh skirmish with the enemies, and drave them to retire, being an hundred Spaniards serving with muskets, and two hundred Indians with bowes, arrowes and darts. This done, wee set fire on the towne and burnt it to the ground, having in it to the number of three hundred houses: and shortly
Essex (United Kingdom) (search for this): narrative 901
rne in Japon , which could both wright and reade their owne language, the eldest being about 20 yeers olde was named Christopher, the other was called Cosmus, about 17 yeeres of age, both of very good capacitie. He tooke also with him out of their ship, 3 boyes borne in the isles of Manilla, the one about 15, the other about 13, and the yongest about 9 yeeres old. The name of the eldest was Alphonso, the second Anthony de Dasi, the third remaineth with the right honourable the Countesse of Essex . He also tooke from them, one Nicholas Roderigo a Portugall, who hath not onely bene in Canton and other parts of China , but also in the islands of Japon being a countrey most rich in silver mynes, and hath also bene in the Philippinas. Hee tooke also from them a Spaniard whose name was Thomas de Ersola, which was a very good Pilote from Acapulco and the coast of Nueva Espanna unto the islands of Ladrones , where the Spaniardes doe put in to water, sayling betweene Acapulco and the Ph
Acapulco (Guerrero, Mexico) (search for this): narrative 901
h standeth as I sayd before in 15 degrees and 40 minuts to the Northward of the lyne. Here wee overslipped the haven of Acapulco , from whence the shippes are set foorth for the Philippinas. The foure and twentieth day of August, our Generall wit Philippinas. Hee tooke also from them a Spaniard whose name was Thomas de Ersola, which was a very good Pilote from Acapulco and the coast of Nueva Espanna unto the islands of Ladrones , where the Spaniardes doe put in to water, sayling betweene Acapulco and the Philippinas: in which isles of Ladrones , they finde fresh water, plantans, and potato rootes: howbeit the people be very rude and heathens. The 19 day of November aforesaid, about 3 of the clock in the afternoone, our Generall c belong to the towne. It is a very rich place of golde and many other commodities; and they have yeerely trafficke from Acapulco in Nueva Espanna, and also 20 or 30 shippes from China and from the Sanguelos, which bring them many sorts of marchand
Malaga (Spain) (search for this): narrative 901
iently for him, as hee and his company would request, and that within the space of foure dayes. Our Generall used him singularly well, banquetted him most royally with the choyce of many and sundry conserves, wines both sweete and other, and caused his Musitians to make him musicke. This done our Generall tolde him that hee and his company were Englishmen; and that wee had bene at China and had had trafique there with them, and that wee were come thither to discover, and purposed to goe to Malaca . The people of Java tolde our Generall that there were certaine Portugals in the yland which lay there as Factours continually to trafique with them, to buy Negros, cloves, pepper, sugar, and many other commodities. This Secretarie of the King with his interpretour lay one night abord our shippe. The same night, because they lay abord, in the evening at the setting of the watch, our Generall commanded every man in the shippe to provide his harquebuze and his shotte, and so with shooting of
Brasilia (Brazil) (search for this): narrative 901
e 9. of June having a pretie easie gale of wind we stood in with the shore, our boat being sent away before to make the harborough; and about one of the clocke in the afternoone we came unto an ancker in 12. fathoms water two or three cables length from the shore, in a very faire and smooth bay under the Northwest side of the yland. This yland is very high land, and lieth in the maine sea standing as it were in the middest of the sea betweene the maine land of Africa , and the maine of Brasilia and the coast of Guinea: And is in 15. degrees and 48. minuts to the Southward of the Equinoctiall line, and is distant from the Cape of Buena Esperanza betweene 5. and 6. hundreth leagues. The same day about two or three of the clocke in the afternoone wee went on shore, where wee found a marveilous faire & pleasant valley, wherein divers handsome buildings and houses were set up, and especially one which was a Church, which was tyled & whited on the outside very faire, and made with
Dorset (United Kingdom) (search for this): narrative 901
souldier.Out of the Admirall. Richard Wheeler of London. Robert Pitcher of Norffolke, souldier. John Langston of Glocestershire. William Kingman of Dorsetshire, souldier. William Hilles of Cornewall. 1 William Byet of Weymouth. Killed out of the vice adm. 2 Laurence Gamesby, of Newcastle . 1 Henry Blackenals of Weymouth. Killed out of the Hugh Gallant. 2 William Stevens of Plymmouth, gunner. 3 William Pitte of Shereborne in Dorsetshire . 4 Humphrey Derricke of London. After the losse of these men, wee rid in the roade, and watered in despight of them with good watch and ward, until the fift of the sayd moneth. The fift day wee departed out of this bay of Quintero: and off from the bay there lyeth a little Iland about a league distant, whereon there are great store of penguins and other fowles; wherof we tooke to serve our turnes, and sailed away North and North and by West: for so lyeth the coast along in this
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