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via Appia, where the homicide was committed (cf. sect. 17, p. 178,l.13). ab eo, from (i.e. against) him. furias, virtually = madness, though with a vague allusion to the Furies, who drove a guilty man on to further crimes. falcibus, hooks (like firemen's hooks) to tear up the steps and turn the building into a fortress. ad Castoris: see note, sect. 18 (p. 178, l. 25). disturbari, broken up (not merely "disturbed"). silentio, i.e. the contio was orderly arid well disposed until the attack of the Clodians. M. Caelius: a young man who was esteemed by Cicero as of great promise, and defended by him in a cause of some scandal, but who afterwards turned out to be a wild and desperate demagogue. In the year B.C. 44, after Caesar's victory at Pharsalia, both Caelius and Milo, in concert with each other, headed revolts against Caesar, and lost their lives ignominiously in southern Italy.