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LARES, AEDES (delubra, Ovid): a temple of the Lares in summa sacra via (Solin. i. 23), mentioned first in connection with the prodigies of 106 B.C. (Obseq. 4), and by Cicero (de nat. deor. iii. 63 ; Plin. NH ii. 16) to locate the fanum Orbonae. It was restored by Augustus (Mon. Anc. iv. 7=Grk. x. I I:nao\s (*hrw/wn pro\s th=| I(era=| o(dw=|, and its day of dedication was 27th June (Ov. Fast. vi. 791-792; Fast. Ant. ap. NS 1921, 99). These are the only references that belong indisputably to this temple, and they indicate a site at the top of the Sacra via, that is, near the arch of Titus. In describing the line of the original pomerium, Tacitus (Ann. xii. 24) gives four points, magna Herculis ara, ara Consi, curiae veteres, sacellum Larum, presumably the four corners of the quadrilateral. Again Ovid, under date of the kalends of May (Fast. v. 129, 130), makes this the day of dedication of an altar of the Lares Praestites : Praestitibus Maiae Laribus videre kalendae / aram constitui