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Albi'nus 15. L. Postumius Albinus, A. F. A. N., probably a brother of No. 13 and 14, was praetor B. C. 180, and obtained the province of further Spain. His command was prolonged in the following year. After conquering the Vaccaci and Lusitani, he returned to Rome in 178, and obtained a triumph on account of his victories. (Liv. 40.35, 44, 47, 48, 50, 41.3, 11.) He was consul in 173, with M. Popillius Laenas; and the war in Liguria was assigned to both consuls. Albinus, however, was first sent into Campania to separate Mathe land of the state from that of private persons ; and this business occupied him all the summer, so that he was unable to go into his province. He Was the first Roman magistrate who put the allies any expense in travelling through their territories ries. (41.33, 42.1, 9.) The festival of the Floralia, which had been discontinued, was restored in his consulship. (Ov. Fast. 5.329.) In 171, he was one of the ambassadors sent to Masinissa and the Carthaginians in orde