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Anti'ochus of ASCALON (*)Anti/oxos), of ASCALON, the founder, as he is called, of the fifth Academy, was a friend of Lucullus the antagonist of Mithridates, and the teacher of Cicero during his studies at Athens (B. C. 79); but he had a school at Alexandria also, as well as in Syria, where he seems to have ended his life. (Plut. Cic. 100.4, Lucull. 100.42; Cic. Ac. 2.19.) He was a philosopher of considerable reputation in his time, for Strabo in describing Ascalon, mentions his birth there as a mark of distinction for the city (Strab. xiv. p.759), and Cicero frequently speaks of him in affectionate and respectful terms as the best and wisest of the Academics, and the most polished and acute philosopher of his age. (Cic. Ac. 2.35, Brut. 91.) He studied under the stoic Mnesarchus, but his principal teacher was Philo, who succeeded Plato, Arcesilas, and Carneades, as the founder of the fourth Academy. Works Sosus Antiochus is, however, better known as the adversary than the disci