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Anti'pater, L. Coelius a Roman jurist and historian. Works History, Law and Oratory Pomponius (Dig. 1. tit. 2. s. 2.40) considers him more an orator than a jurist ; Cicero, on the other hand, prizes him more as a jurist than as an orator or historian. (De Or. 2.12; de Legg. 1, 2; Brut. 100.26.) He was a contemporary of C. Gracchus (B. C. 123); L. Crassus, the orator, was his pupil. He was the first who endeavoured to impart to Roman history the ornaments of style, and to make it more than a mere chronicle of events, but his diction was rather vehement and high-sounding than elegant and polished. He is not to be confounded with Coelius Sabinus, the Coelius of the Digest. None of his juridical writings have been preserved. He wrote a history of the second Punic war, and composed Annales, which were epitomized by Brutus. (Cic. Att. 13.8.) The history of the second Punic war was perhaps only a part of the Annales. Antipater followed the Greek history of Silenus Calatinus (Cic. de Di