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Anto'nius or Anto'nius Hybrida 10. C. ANTONIUS M. F. C. N., surnamed HYBRIDA (Plin. Nat. 8.53. s. 79, according to Drumann, Gesch. Roms, i. p. 531, because he was a homo semiferus, the friend of Catiline and the plunderer of Macedonia), was the second son of Antonius, the orator [No. 8], and the uncle of the triumvir [No. 12]. He accompanied Sulla in his war against Mithridates, and on Sulla's return to Rome, B. C. 83, was left behind in Greece with part of the cavalry and plundered the country. He was subsequently accused for his oppression of Greece by Julius Caesar (76). Six years afterwards (70), he was expelled the senate by the censors for plundering the allies and wasting his property, but was soon after readmitted. He celebrated his aedileship with extraordinary splendour. In his praetorship (65) and consulship (63) he had Cicero as his colleague. According to most accounts Antony was one of Catiline's conspirators, and his well-known extravagance and rapacity seem to render t