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Clau'dius 22. C. Claudius App. F. P. N. PULCHER, another son of No. 17 (Fasti Cap.; Liv. 33.44), was made augur in B. C. 195, praetor in 180 (40.37, 42), and consul in 177. The province of Istria fell to his lot. Fearing lest the successes of the consuls of the preceding year might render his presence unnecessary, he set out without performing the regular initiatory ceremonies of the consulship, but soon found himself compelled to return. Having again proceeded to his province with a fresh army, he captured three towns, and reduced the Istrians to subjection. He next marched against the Ligurians, whom he defeated, and celebrated a double triumph at Rome. Having held the comitia, he returned to Liguria and recovered the town of Mutina. (41.10-18 ; Plb. 26.7.) In 171 he served as military tribune under P. Licinius against Perseus. (Liv. 42.49.) In 169 he was censor with Ti. Sempronius Gracchus. Their severity drew down upon them an impeachment from one of the tribunes, but the popular