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34. Of MYTILENE, was surnamed Scytobrachion, and seems to have lived shortly before the time of Cicero, if we may believe the report that he instructed M. Antonius Gnipho at Alexandria (Suet. de Illustr. Gram. 7), for Suetonius expresses a doubt as to its correctness for chronological reasons. Artemon (apud Athen. xii. p. 415) states, that Dionysius Scytobrachion was the author of the historical work which was commonly attributed to the ancient historian Xanthus of Lydia, who lived about B. C. 480. From this it has been inferred, that our Dionysius must have lived at a much earlier time. But if we conceive that Dionysius may have made a revision of the work of Xanthus, it does not follow that he must needs have lived very near the age of Xanthus. Works Suidas attributes to him a metrical work, the expedition of Dionysus and Athena (h( *Dionu/sou kai\ *(Aqhna=s strati/a), and a prose work on the Argonauts in six books, addressed to Parmenon. He was probably also the author of the