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Dolabella 3. L. Cornelius Dolabella, was duumvir navalis in B. C. 180. In that year his kinsman, Cn. Cornelius Dolabella, the rex sacrorum, died, and our Dolabella wanted to become his successor. But C. Servilius, the pontifex maximus, before inaugurating him, demanded of him to resign his office of duumvir navalis. When Dolabella refused to obey this command, the pontifex inflicted a fine upon him. Dolabella appealed against it to the people. Several tribes had already given their vote that Dolabella ought to obey, and that he should be released from the fine if he would resign the office of duumvir navalis, when some sign in the heavens broke up the assembly. This was a fresh reason for the pontiff's refusing to inaugurate Dolabella. As duumvir navalis he and his colleague, C. Furius, had to protect the eastern coast of Italy with a fleet of twenty sail against the Illyrians. (Liv. 40.42; 41.5.)