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called in question by Wolf (ad Cic. pro Dom. l.c.). Now as we read of only one wife of Clodius, namely, Fulvia, it has been usually supposed that the above L. Natta was the brother of this Fulvia, and that his full name was therefore L. Fulvius Natta*; but Drumann has brought forward (Geschichte Roms, vol. ii. p. 370) reasons which render it very probable, that Clodius had, previous to his marriage with Fulvia, married another wife of the name of Pinaria, and that L. Natta was the brother of the latter and not the brother of Fulvia. The name of Natta is otherwise unknown in the Fulvia gens. The mother of Natta and of his sister Pinaria married a second time L. Murena, consul B. C. 62, and we consequently find Natta described as a step-son of Murena. (Cic. pro Muren. 35, pro Dom. 52.) * Hence we frequently find Natta or Nacca given as a cognomen in the Fulvia gens, as is stated in the article FULVIA GENS; but if Drumann's supposition is correct, and we believe it is, this is a mistake.