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Septi'mius 8. L. Septimius, had served as a centurion under Cn. Pompey, in the war against the pirates, and afterwards under Gabinius, when he restored Ptolemy Auletes to the throne. Gabinius left him behind in Egypt with a considerable force, to protect the king, and he was still in the country, with the rank of tribunus militum, when Pompey fled there after the battle of Pharsalia, in B. C. 48. In conjunction with Achillas, he slew his old commander, as he was landing in Egypt. Appian erroneously calls him Sempronius. (D. C. 42.3, 4. 38; Caes. Civ. 3.104; Plut. Pomp. 78 ; Appian, App. BC 2.84.)