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Missouri (Missouri, United States) 332 0 Browse Search
James G. Blunt 228 2 Browse Search
William A. Phillips 203 7 Browse Search
Arkansas (Arkansas, United States) 188 0 Browse Search
Kansas (Kansas, United States) 186 0 Browse Search
Fort Scott (Kansas, United States) 134 2 Browse Search
Fort Smith (Arkansas, United States) 128 2 Browse Search
Fort Gibson (Oklahoma, United States) 128 0 Browse Search
Arkansas (United States) 102 0 Browse Search
Bedford (Missouri, United States) 100 0 Browse Search
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October 27th (search for this): chapter 23
s little doubt but that he is still very sensitive in regard to the Baxter Springs misfortune, and probably feels that the eyes of the public are severely upon him. He knows that an officer whom the Government trusts with the lives of thousands of men, is expected to see to it that their lives shall not be wantonly or stupidly sacrificed by placing them in positions where they must contend with the foe under extraordinary disadvantages. General Ewing--and Staff and Escort arrived here October 27th, from Neosho, Missouri, having chased Shelby's flying columns beyond Cassville, and within a few miles of the Arkansas line. The enemy kept breaking up into so many small detachments, that there was not much of a force to pursue towards the last. The troops are all returning, and will go to their regular stations, since the storm that has swept over southwest and central Missouri has now nearly subsided. A retrospect of the recent military operations in Missouri shows that the enemy ha
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