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Richmond (Virginia, United States) 124 0 Browse Search
Beauregard 110 16 Browse Search
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March, 1862 AD (search for this): chapter 1.10
an immense gulf should miraculously open, and an oracle should declare that the honour and peace of the country could only be maintained by one of her youths throwing himself into it, do you believe you could do it? He looked serious, and answered earnestly and with emphasis, I believe I could. Thus permanently attached as volunteer aide to General Stuart, Farley thereafter took part in all the movements of the cavalry. He was with them in that hot falling back from Centreville, in March, 1862; in the combats of the Peninsula, where, at Williamsburg, he led a regiment of infantry in the assault; in the battles of Cold Harbour and Malvern Hill, at the second Manassas, Sharpsburg, Fredericksburg, and the scores of minor engagements which marked almost every day upon the outposts. He missed the battle of Chancellorsville, greatly to his regret, having gone home, after an absence of two years, to witness the bombardment of Charleston and see his family. It was soon after his r
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