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James Grant 161 1 Browse Search
W. Porcher Miles 137 1 Browse Search
Mississippi (Mississippi, United States) 128 0 Browse Search
Stateprisoner Davis 126 0 Browse Search
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you ought to affix a bucktail to your colors as a trophy. Whereupon Colonel Johnson took a bucktail from the cap of one of the men in ranks and tied it to the color lance above the colors, where it was carried in pride and triumph in all the battles of the regiment. After the battle of Port Republic, General Ewell issued the following order: Headquarters Third Division, June 12, 1862. General Order, No. 30. In commemoration of the gallant conduct of the First Maryland Regiment on June 6th, instant, when led by Colonel Bradley T. Johnson, they drove back with loss the Pennsylvania Bucktail Rifles, in the engagement near Harrisonburgh, Buckingham County, Virginia, authority is given to have one of the captured bucktails (the insignium of the Federal Regiment) appended to the color staff of the First Maryland Regiment. By order of Major-General Ewell. James Barbour, A. A. G. At Crosskeys, on June 8th, Jackson defeated Fremont, and on the gth, General Shields at Port Rep
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