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Fitz-Hugh Lee 143 1 Browse Search
U. S. Grant 72 0 Browse Search
Vicksburg (Mississippi, United States) 67 1 Browse Search
Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania, United States) 50 0 Browse Search
Missouri (Missouri, United States) 50 0 Browse Search
Washington (United States) 50 0 Browse Search
Tennessee (Tennessee, United States) 38 0 Browse Search
Belle Missouri 38 0 Browse Search
England (United Kingdom) 38 0 Browse Search
Port Hudson (Louisiana, United States) 37 1 Browse Search
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August 21st (search for this): chapter 122
Squirrel-skin shoes. Squirrel skins tacked down to a board, the hair next to the board, with hickory ashes sprinkled over them, for a few days, to facilitate the removal of the hair, and then placed in a strong decoction of red-oak bark, will, at the end of four days, make excellent leather, far stronger and tougher than calf skin. Four skins will make a pair of ladies' shoes. We hear that the ladies of some of the interior counties are wearing these shoes, and find them equal in. softness and superior in durability to any others. The longer the skins are left in the decoction of bark the better the leather. By this plan any body may have a tan-yard, and make their own leather, as the skins are easily and cheaply procured, and any vessel holding a gallon will serve as a vat. Our readers will do well to try it.--Richmond Whig, August 21.