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Fitz-Hugh Lee 143 1 Browse Search
U. S. Grant 72 0 Browse Search
Vicksburg (Mississippi, United States) 67 1 Browse Search
Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania, United States) 50 0 Browse Search
Missouri (Missouri, United States) 50 0 Browse Search
Washington (United States) 50 0 Browse Search
Tennessee (Tennessee, United States) 38 0 Browse Search
Belle Missouri 38 0 Browse Search
England (United Kingdom) 38 0 Browse Search
Port Hudson (Louisiana, United States) 37 1 Browse Search
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Requiem. Requiem Aeternam dona iis, Domine ! Give them eternal rest, Father, with thee, On thy paternal breast, God of the free! Dumb is the cannon's throat, Broken the brand, Feebly the pennons float O'er the red land; When, on the battle-field, By the rude torch revealed, Slumber the brave, Pillowed on foes o'erthrown; While round them shriek and groan, Blent with the night-wind's moan. Ceaselessly rave. Them shall the thunder's roar Nevermore, nevermore Rouse up amain. Theirs is that olden sleep, Sacred and golden sleep, Free from all pain. So sleep the dutiful, Dreamless but beautiful, Their duty done; Sinking in tranquil rest, As in the purple west Sinketh the sun. Fast closed the fight round them, Vast rose the night round them, Night at noonday-- Night of the sulph'rous smoke, Glad with the sabre-stroke, Death-shot and thunder-roar, Deluge of human gore, Dreadfullest fray! Oh! they fought fearfully, Bleeding, but cheerfully, On for the free, Dealing their dying blows, As o