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Samuel K. Zook (search for this): chapter 2.15
ight rise in the ground afforded protection to men lying down, against the musketry behind the stone-wall, but not against the converging fire of the artillery on the heights. My headquarters were in the field on the edge of the town, overlooking the plain. A few minutes after noon French's division charged in the order of Kim-ball's, Andrews's, and Palmer's brigades, a part of Kimball's men getting into the cluster of houses in the fork of the road. Hancock followed them in the order of Zook's, Meagher's, and Caldwell's brigades, the two former getting The bombardment of Fredericksburg, December 11, 1862. nearer to the stone-wall than any who had gone before, except a few of Kimball's men, and nearer than any brigade which followed them. Without a clear idea of the state of affairs at the front, since the smoke and light fog veiled everything, I sent word to French and Hancock to carry the enemy's works by storm. Then I climbed the steeple of the court-house, and from ab
Samuel K. Zook (search for this): chapter 2.22
Hiram L. Brown (w), Lieut.-Col. David B. McCreary. Brigade loss: k, 108; w, 729; m, 115 == 952. Second Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Thomas F. Meagher: 28th Mass., Col. Richard Byrnes; 63d N. Y., Maj. Joseph O'Neill (w), Capt. Patrick J. Condon; 69th N. Y., Col. Robert Nugent (w), Capt. James Saunders; 88th N. Y., Col. Patrick Kelly; 116th Pa., Col. Dennis Heenan (w), Lieut.-Col. St. Clair A. Mulholland (w), Lieut. Francis T. Quinlan. Brigade loss: k, 50; w, 421; m, 74 == 545. Third Brigade, Col. Samuel K. Zook: 27th Conn., Col. Richard S. Bostwick; 2d Del., Col. William P. Baily (w); 52d N. Y., Col. Paul Frank; 57th N. Y., Lieut.-Col. Alford B. Chapman (w), Maj. N. Garrow Throop (w), Capt. James W. Britt; 66th N. Y., Lieut.-Col. James H. Bull (k), Capt. Julius Wehle (k), Capt. John S. Hammell (w), Lieut. James G. Derrickson; 53d Pa., Col. John R. Brooke. Brigade loss: k, 60; w, 427; m, 40 == 527. Artillery: B, 1st N. Y., Capt. Rufus D. Pettit; C, 4th U. S., Lieut. Evan Thomas. Artillery l
Samuel K. Zook (search for this): chapter 3.33
lson A. Miles (w), Lieut.-Col. K. Oscar Broady; 81st Pa., Col. H. Boyd McKeen (w); 148th Pa., Col. James A. Beaver (w), Maj. George A. Fairlamb. Brigade loss: k, 36; w, 196; m, 46 == 278. Second Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Thomas F. Meagher: 28th Mass., Col. Richard Byrnes; 63d N. Y., Lieut.-Col. Richard C. Bentley; 69th N. Y., Capt. James E. McGee; 88th N. Y., Col. Patrick Kelly; 116th Pa. (battalion), Maj. St. Clair A. Mulholland. Brigade loss: k, 8; w, 63; m, 31 == 102. Third Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Samuel K. Zook: 52d N. Y., Col. Paul Frank, Lieut.-Col. Charles G. Freudenberg; 57th N. Y., Lieut.-Col. Alford B. Chapman; 66th N. Y., Served temporarily with the First Brigade.Col. Orlando H. Morris; 140th Pa., Col. Richards P. Roberts. Brigade loss: k, 13; w, 97; m, 78 == 188. Fourth Brigade, Col. John R. Brooke: 27th Conn., Col. Richard S. Bostwick; 2d Del., Lieut.-Col. David L. Stricker; 64th N. Y., Col. Daniel G. Bingham; 53d Pa., Lieut.-Col. Richards McMichael; 145th Pa., Col. Hiram L.
Samuel K. Zook (search for this): chapter 4.42
ever, clung to the woods and rocks at the base of Round Top, carried Devil's Den and its woods, and captured three of Smith's guns, who, however, effectively deprived the enemy of their use by carrying off all the implements. The breaking in of the Peach Orchard angle exposed the flanks of the batteries on its crests, which retired firing, in order to cover the retreat of the infantry. Many guns of different batteries had to be abandoned because of the destruction of their Brigadier-General Samuel K. Zook, commanding the Third Brigade of Caldwell's division, killed in the wheat-field July 2. from a photograph. View of Culp's Hill from the position of the batteries near the Cemetery gate. From photographs. 1. Position of Stevene's 5th Maine Battery which enfiladed Early's division in the charge upon East Cemetery Hill. 2. Left of the line of field-works on Culp's Hill. 3. Position of the 33d Massachusetts behind the fence of a lane where the left of the Confederate char
Samuel K. Zook (search for this): chapter 4.48
reported to have gone into action with forty men, of whom but four remained unhurt to bury their fallen comrades. My losses exceeded 600 men killed and wounded,--about one-half the force engaged. A glance at the map [see pp. 299, 308] showing the positions occupied by the troops on the 2d of July, will reveal the remarkable fact that the stony hill and wood occupied by this brigade and part of Semmes's was assailed or defended by the Federal brigades of De Trobriand, Sweitzer, Tilton, and Zook, of the divisions of Birney, Barnes, and Caldwell, and of the Second, Third, and Fifth corps. Nowhere have I found any more forcible evidence of the nature and magnitude of this struggle by McLaws's and Hood's divisions than is contained in General Meade's report. He says: About 3 P. M. I rode out to the extreme left. . . . Having found Major-General Sickles, I was explaining to him that he was too far in the advance, and discussing with him the propriety of withdrawing, when the enem
Samuel K. Zook (search for this): chapter 4.61
Boyd McKeen, Lieut.-Col. Amos Stroh; 148th Pa., Lieut.-Col. Robert McFarlane. Brigade loss: k, 57; w, 260; m, 13 = 330. Second Brigade, Col. Patrick Kelly: 28th Mass., Col. Richard Byrnes; 63d N. Y. (2 co's), Lieut.-Col. Richard C. Bentley (w), Capt. Thomas Touhy; 69th N. Y. (2 co's), Capt. Richard Moroney (w), Lieut. James J. Smith; 88th N. Y. (2 co's), Capt. Denis F. Burke; 116th Pa. (4 co's), Maj. St. Clair A. Mulholland. Brigadeloss: k, 27; w, 109; m, 62 = 198. Third Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Samuel K. Zook (k), Lieut.-Col. John Fraser: 52d N. Y., Lieut.-Col. C. G. Freudenberg (w), Capt. William Scherrer; 57th N. Y., Lieut.-Col. Alford B. Chapman; 66th N. Y., Col. Orlando H. Morris (w), Lieut.-Col. John S. Hammell (w), Maj. Peter Nelson; 140th Pa., Col. Richard P. Roberts (k), Lieut.-Col. John Fraser. Brigade loss: k, 49; w, 227; m, 82 = 358. Fourth Brigade, Col. John R. Brooke (w): 27th Conn. (2 co's), Lieut.-Col. Henry C. Merwin (k), Maj. James H. Coburn; 2d Del., Col. William P. B
Henry I. Zinn (search for this): chapter 2.22
B. Robertson; 28th N. J., Col. Moses N. Wisewell (w), Lieut--Col. E. A. L. Roberts; 4th Ohio, Col. John S. Mason, Lieut.-Col. James H. Godman (w), Capt. Gordon A. Stewart; 8th Ohio, Lieut.-Col. Franklin Sawyer; 7th W. Va., Col. Joseph Snider (w), Lieut.-Col. Jonathan H. Lockwood. Brigade loss: k, 36; w, 420; m, 64 == 520. Second Brigade, Col. Oliver H. Palmer: 14th Conn., Lieut.-Col. Sanford H. Perkins (w), Capt. Samuel H. Davis; 108th N. Y., Lieut.-Col. Charles J. Powers; 130th Pa., Col. Henry I. Zinn (k), Capt. William M. Porter. Brigade loss: k, 20; w, 207; m, 64 == 291. Third Brigade, Col. John W. Andrews, Lieut.-Col. William Jameson, Lieut.-Col. John W. Marshall: 1st Del., Maj. Thomas A. Smyth; 4th N. Y., Col. John D. MacGregor (w), Lieut.-Col. William Jameson, Maj. Charles W. Kruger; 10th N. Y., Col. John E. Bendix (w), Capt. Salmon Winchester (m w), Capt. George F. Hopper; 132d Pa., Lieut.-Col. Charles Albright. Brigade loss: k, 32; w, 271; m, 39 == 342. Artillery: G, 1st N.
ll of the strife I went with a staff-officer to examine the ground on our left. One of Helm's wounded men had been overlooked, and was lying alone in the woods, his head partly supported by a tree. He was shockingly injured. He belonged to Von Zinken's regiment, of New Orleans, composed of French, Germans, and Irish. I said to him: My poor fellow, you are badly hurt. What regiment do you belong to? He replied: The Fifth Confederit, and a dommed good regiment it is. The answer, though almost ludicrous, touched me as illustrating the esprit de corps of the soldier — his pride in and his affection for his command. Colonel Von Zinken told me afterward that one of his desperately wounded Irishmen cried out to his comrades, Charge them, boys; they have cha-ase (cheese) in their haversacks. Poor Pat, he has fought courageously in every land in quarrels not his own.--D. H. H. Hindman and Bushrod Johnson organized a column of attack upon the front and rear of the stronghold of Th
Leon Zinken (search for this): chapter 1.3
4th Tenn.,----; 8th Tex.,----. Brigade loss (not separately reported). left wing, Maj.-Gen. William J. Hardee. Second division, Brig.-Gen. J. Patton Anderson. First Brigade, Brig.-Gen. John C. Brown (w), Col. William Miller: 1st Fla., Col. William Miller; 3d Fla.,----; 41st Miss.,----; Palmer's Battery,----. Brigade loss (not separately reported). Second Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Daniel W. Adams: 13th La., Col. R. L. Gibson; 16th La., Col. D. C. Gober; 20th La., Col. Aug. Reichard, Lieut.-Col. Leon von Zinken; 25th La., Col. S. W. Fisk; 14th Battalion La. Sharp-shooters, Major J. E. Austin; 5th Co. Washington (La.) Art'y, Capt. C. H. Slocomb. Brigade loss: k, 6; w, 78; m, 68 = 152. Third Brigade, Col. Samuel Powell: 45th Ala.,----; 1st Ark.,----; 24th Miss., Col. William F. Dowd; 29th Tenn.,----; Mo. Battery, Capt. Overton W. Barret. Brigade loss (not separately reported). Fourth Brigade, Col. Thomas M. Jones: 27th Miss.,----; 30th Miss.,----; 37th Miss.,----; Ala. Battery (Lumsden's
Leon Zinken (search for this): chapter 8.95
.-Gen. Benjamin H. Helm (k), Col. J. H. Lewis: 41st Ala., Col. M. L. Stansel; 2d Ky., Col. J. W. Hewitt (k), Lieut.-Col. J. W. Moss; 4th Ky., Col. Joseph P. Nuckols, Jr. (w), Maj. T. W. Thompson; 6th Ky., Col. J. H. Lewis, Lieut.-Col. M. H. Cofer; 9th Ky., Col. J. W. Caldwell (w), Lieut.-Col. J. C. Wickliffe. Brigade loss: k, 63; w, 408 == 471. Adams's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Daniel W. Adams (w and c), Col. R. L. Gibson: 32d Ala., Maj. J. C. Kimbell; 13th and 20th La., Col. R. L. Gibson, Col. Leon von Zinken, Capt. E. M. Dubroca; 16th and 25th La., Col. D. Gober; 19th La., Lieut.-Col. R. W. Turner (w), Maj. L. Butler (k), Capt. H. A. Kennedy; 14th La. Battalion, Maj. J. E. Austin. Brigade loss: k, w and m == 429. Stovall's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. M. A. Stovall: 1st and 3d Fla., Col. W. S. Dilworth; 4th Fla., Col. W. L. L. Bowen; 47th Ga., Capt. William S. Phillips (w), Capt. Joseph S. Cone; 60th N. C., Lieut.-Col. J. M. Ray (w), Capt. J. T. Weaver. Brigade loss: k, 37; w, 232; m, 46==315. A
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