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George N. Bomford (search for this): chapter 2.22
(2d Militia), Lieut.-Col. James Huston. Brigade loss: k, 14; w, 77; m, 31 == 122. Second Brigade, Col. Joshua T. Owen: 69th Pa., Lieut.-Col. Dennis O'Kane; 71st Pa., Lieut.-Col. John Markoe; 72d Pa., Col. De Witt C. Baxter; 106th Pa., Col. Turner G. Morehead. Brigade loss: k, 27: w, 203; m, 28 == 258. Third Brigade, Col. Norman J. Hall: 19th Mass., Capt. H. G. O. Weymouth; 20th Mass. Capt. George N. Macy; 7th Mich., Lieut.-Col. Henry Baxter (w), Maj. Thomas H. Hunt: 42d N. Y., Lieut.-Col. George N. Bomford; 59th N. Y., Lieut.-Col. William Northedge; 127th Pa., Col. William W. Jennings. Brigade loss: k, 63; w, 419; m, 33 == 515. Artillery: A, 1st R, I., Capt. William A. Arnold; B, 1st R. I., Capt. John G. Hazard. Artillery loss: w, 18. Third division, Brig.-Gen. William H. French. First Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Nathan Kimball (w), Col. John S. Mason: 14th Ind., Maj. Elijah H. C. Cavins; 24th N. J., Col. Wm. B. Robertson; 28th N. J., Col. Moses N. Wisewell (w), Lieut--Col. E. A. L.
Rufus D. Pettit (search for this): chapter 2.22
oss: k, 50; w, 421; m, 74 == 545. Third Brigade, Col. Samuel K. Zook: 27th Conn., Col. Richard S. Bostwick; 2d Del., Col. William P. Baily (w); 52d N. Y., Col. Paul Frank; 57th N. Y., Lieut.-Col. Alford B. Chapman (w), Maj. N. Garrow Throop (w), Capt. James W. Britt; 66th N. Y., Lieut.-Col. James H. Bull (k), Capt. Julius Wehle (k), Capt. John S. Hammell (w), Lieut. James G. Derrickson; 53d Pa., Col. John R. Brooke. Brigade loss: k, 60; w, 427; m, 40 == 527. Artillery: B, 1st N. Y., Capt. Rufus D. Pettit; C, 4th U. S., Lieut. Evan Thomas. Artillery loss: k, 1; w, 4 == 5. Second division, Brig.-Gen. Oliver O. Howard. Staff loss: w, 1. First Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Alfred Sully: 19th Me., Col. Frederick D. Sewall, Lieut.-Col. Francis E. Heath; 15th Mass., Maj. Chase Philbrick (w), Capt. John Murkland, Capt. Charles H. Watson; 1st Co. Mass. Sharp-shooters, Capt. William Plumer; 1st Minn., Col. George N. Morgan; 2d Co. Minn. Sharp-shooters, Capt. William F. Russell; 34th N. Y., Col. J
J. W. Bondurant (search for this): chapter 2.22
Gen. A. H. Colquitt: 13th Ala.,----; 6th Ga.,----; 23d Ga.,----; 27th Ga.,----; 28th Ga.,----. Brigade loss: w, 15. Fourth Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Alfred Iverson: 5th N. C.,----; 12th N. C.,----; 20th N. C.,----; 23d N. C.,----. Brigade loss: k, 1; w, 12 == 13. Fifth Brigade, Col. Bryan Grimes: 2d N. C.,----; 4th N. C.,----; 14th N. C.,----; 30th N. C.,----. Brigade loss: k, 8; w, 51 == 59. Artillery, Major H. P. Jones: Ala. Battery, Capt. R. A. Hardaway; Ala. Battery (Jeff Davis Art'y), Capt. J. W. Bondurant; Va. Battery, (King William Art'y), Capt. Thomas I. Carter; Va. Battery (Morris Art'y), Capt. R. C. M. Page; Va. Battery (Orange Art'y), Capt. C. W. Fry. Artillery loss: k, 4; w, 8 == 12. Light division, Maj.-Gen. Ambrose P. Hill. First Brigade, Col. J. M. Brockenbrough: 40th Va.,----; 47th Va., Col. Robert M. Mayo; 55th Va.,----; 22d Va. Battalion, Lieut.-Col. E. P. Tayloe. Brigade loss: k, 10; w, 73 == 83. Second Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Maxcy Gregg (m w), Col. D. H. Hamilton: 1s
A. R. Wright (search for this): chapter 2.22
n. Richard H. Anderson. Wilcox's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Cadmus M. Wilcox: 8th Ala.,----; 9th Ala.,----; 10th Ala.,----; llth Ala.,----;14th Ala.,----. Brigade loss: k, 3; w, 15 == 18. Mahone's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. William Mahone: 6th Va.,----; 12th Va.,----; 16th Va.,----; 41st Va.,----; 61st Va.,----. Brigade loss: k, 2; w, 6 == 8. Featherston's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. W. S. Featherston: 12th Miss.,----; 16th Miss.,----; 19th Miss.,----; 48th Miss. (5 co's),----. Brigade loss: k, 5; w, 38-== 43. Wright's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. A. R. Wright: 3d Ga., Col. Edward J. Walker; 22d Ga.,----; 48th Ga., Capt. M. R. Hall; 2d Ga. Battalion, Capt. C. J. Moffett. Brigade loss: k, 2; w, 1 == 3. Perry's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. E. A. Perry: 2d Fla.,----; 5th Fla.,----; 8th Fla., Capt. David Lang (w), Capt. Thomas R. Love. Brigade loss: k, 7; w, 38; m, 44 == 89. Artillery: La. Battery (Donaldsonville Art'y), Capt. Victor Maurin; Va. Battery, Capt. Frank Huger; Va. Battery, Capt. John W. Lewis; Va. Battery (Norf
Samuel Tolles (search for this): chapter 2.22
Third division, Brig.-Gen. George W. Getty. First Brigade, Col. Rush C. Hawkins: 10th N. H., Col. Michael T. Donohoe; 13th N. H., Col. Aaron F. Stevens; 25th N. J., Col. Andrew Derrom; 9th N. Y., Lieut.-Col. Edgar A. Kimball; 89th N. Y., Col. Harrison S. Fairchild; 103d N. Y., Col. Benjamin Ringold. Brigade loss: k, 14; w, 187; m, 54 == 255. Second Brigade, Col. Edward Harland: 8th Conn., Maj. John E. Ward, Capt. Henry M. Hoyt; 11th Conn., Col. Griffin A. Stedman, Jr.; 15th Conn., Lieut.-Col. Samuel Tolles; 16th Conn., Capt. Charles L. Upham; 21st Conn., Col. Arthur H. Dutton; 4th R. I., Lieut.-Col. Joseph B. Curtis (k), Maj. Martin P. Buffum. Brigade loss: k, 2; w, 29; m, 10 == 41. Artillery: E, 2d U. S., Lieut. Samuel N. Benjamin; A, 5th U. S., Lieut. James Gilliss. cavalry division, Brig.-Gen. Alfred Pleasonton. First Brigade, Brig.-Gen. John F. Farnsworth: 8th Ill., Col. William Gamble; 3d Ind., Maj. George H. Chapman; 8th N. Y., Col. Benjamin F. Davis. Second Brigade, Col.
William Nelson (search for this): chapter 2.22
ead; 1st Richmond (Va.) Howitzers, Capt. E. S. McCarthy; Ga. Battery (Troup Art'y), Capt. Henry H. Carlton. Artillery loss: w, 2. (Colonel Cabell also commanded Nelson's battalion, and Branch's, Cooper's Dearing's, Ells's, Eubank's, Lane's, Macon's, and Ross's batteries.) Anderson's division, Maj.-Gen. Richard H. Anderson. n loss: k, 10; w, 26 == 36. Sumter (Ga.) Battalion, Lieut.-Col. Allen S. Cutts: Co. A, Capt. H. M. Ross; Co. B, Capt. George M. Patterson; Co. C, Capt. John Lane. Nelson's Battalion, Maj. William Nelson: Va. Battery (Amherst Art'y), Capt. Thomas J. Kirkpatrick; Va. Battery (Fluvanna Art'y), Capt. John L. Massie; Ga. Battery, Capt.Maj. William Nelson: Va. Battery (Amherst Art'y), Capt. Thomas J. Kirkpatrick; Va. Battery (Fluvanna Art'y), Capt. John L. Massie; Ga. Battery, Capt. John Milledge, Jr. Miscellaneous Batteries (assignments not indicated): Ga. Battery (Ells's), Lieut. W. F. Anderson; Va. Battery (Hanover Art'y), Capt. George W. Nelson. cavalry, Maj.-Gen. James E. B. Stuart. First Brigade (a detachment was on a raid to the rear of the Union army), Brig.-Gen. Wade Hampton: 1st N. C., Col. L.
H. J. Williams (search for this): chapter 2.22
ery (Chesapeake Art'y), Lieut. John E. Plater; 1st Md. Battery, Capt. William F. Dement; Va. Battery (Courtney Art'y), Lieut. W. A. Tanner; La. Battery (Guard Art'y), Capt. Louis D'Aquin (k); Va. Battery (Staunton Art'y), Lieut. Asher W. Garber. Artillery loss: k, 4; w, 21 == 25. Jackson's division, Brig.-Gen. William B. Taliaferro. First Brigade, Brig.-Gen. E. F. Paxton: 2d Va., Capt. J. Q. A. Nadenbousch; 4th Va., Lieut.-Col. R. D. Gardner (w), Maj. William Terry; 5th Va., Lieut.-Col. H. J. Williams; 27th Va., Lieut.-Col. James K. Edmondson; 33d Va., Col. Edwin G. Lee. Brigade loss: k, 3; w, 44; m, 1 == 48. Second Brigade, Brig.-Gen. John R. Jones; 21st Va.,----; 42d Va.,----; 48th Va.,----; 1st Va. Battalion,----. Brigade loss: k, 3; w, 34 == 37. Third Brigade, Col. E. T. H. Warren: 47th Ala., Capt. James M. Campbell; 48th Ala., Capt. C. B. St. John; 10th Va., Capt. W. B. Yancey; 23d Va., Capt. A. J. Richardson; 37th Va., Col. T. V. Williams. Brigade loss: w, 9. Fourth Brig
December 10th (search for this): chapter 2.22
on, except Burns's division of the Ninth Corps. General Hooker's command was about 26,000 strong, two of General Stoneman's divisions having reported to General Franklin. These numbers aggregate 113,000. According to Burnside's return for December 10th ( Official Records, Vol. XXI., p. 1121), the present for duty equipped, or available for line of battle, was 104,903 infantry, 5884 cavalry, and 5896 artillery == 116,683. The Confederate army. Army of Northern Virginia.--General Rober M. N. Moorman. Artillery loss: k, 3; w, 22 == 25. Total Confederate loss: killed, 608; wounded, 4116; captured or missing, 653 == 5377. The present for duty in Lee's army (including all of Stuart's cavalry), as shown by his return for December 10th, was 78,513. To arrive at Lee's effective strength in the battle (not officially stated) there should be deducted the usual proportion of non-combatants, the detachment of Hampton's cavalry brigade, on a raid to the north of the Rappahannock
Capt. Michael Hall; G, 2d U. S., Lieut. John LI. Butler. Artillery loss: k, 2; w, 8 == 10. cavalry Brigade, Brig.-Gen. George D. Bayard (k), Col. David McM. Gregg: Indep't Co., D. C., Lieut. Williams H. Orton; 1st Me., Lieut.-Col. Calvin S. Douty; 1st N. J., Lieut.-Col. Joseph Karge; 2d N. Y., Maj. Henry E. Davies' 10th N. Y., Lieut.-Col. William Irvine; 1st Pa., Col. Owen Jones. Brigade loss: k, 1; w, 3 == 4. Artillery: C, 3d U. S., Capt. Horatio G. Gibson. Total Union loss: killed, 1284; wounded, 9600; captured or missing, 1769 == 12,653. Regarding the strength of his army on the morning of December 13th, General Burnside says ( Official Records, Vol. XXI., p. 90): The forces now under conmmand of General Franklin consisted of about 60,000 men, as shown by the morning reports, and was composed as follows: Sixth Corps, 24,000; First Corps, 18,500; Third Corps (two divisions), 10,000; Ninth Corps (Burns's division), 4000; Bayard's cavalry, 3500. General Sumner had about 27
== 169. Artillery, Lieut.-Col. R. L. Walker: N. C. Battery (Branch Art'y--section), Lieut. J. R. Potts; Va. Battery (Crenshaw's — section), Lieut. James Ellett (k); Va. Battery (Fredericksburg Art'y), Lieut. E. A. Marye; Va. Battery (Johnson's — section), Lieut. V. J. Clutter (w); Va. Battery (Letcher Art'y), Capt. G. Davidson; S. C. Battery (Pee Dee Art'y), Capt. D. G. McIntosh; Va. Battery (Purcell Art'y), Capt. W. J. Pegram. Artillery loss: k, 11; w, 88 == 99. Divisi on loss: k, 231; w, 1474; m, 417 == 2122. Ewell's division, Brig.-Gen. Jubal A. Early. Lawton's Brigade, Col. E. N. Atkinson (w and c), Col. Clement A. Evans: 13th Ga., Col. J. M. Smith; 26th Ga., Capt. B. F. Grace; 31st Ga., Col. Clement A. Evans; 38th Ga., Capt. William L. McLeod; 60th Ga., Col. W. H. Stiles; 61st Ga., Col. J. H. Lamar (w), Maj. C. W. McArthur. Brigade loss: k, 86; w, 633 == 719. Trimble's Brigade, Col. Robert F. Hoke: 15th Ala.,----; 12th Ga.,----; 21st Ga., Lieut.-Col. Thomas W. Hooper; 21
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