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Charleston (South Carolina, United States) 560 2 Browse Search
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Joseph E. Johnston 333 11 Browse Search
George G. Meade 325 5 Browse Search
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Jubal A. Early 278 6 Browse Search
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William M. Gregg (search for this): chapter 17.112
ore Gregg; 48th Pa., Col. George W. Gowan, Lieut.-Col. Isaac F. Brannon; 7th R. I., Lieut.-Col. Percy Daniels. Second Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Simon G. Griffin, Col. Walter Harriman: 31st Me., Lieut.-Col. Edward L. Getchell, Capt. Ebenezer S. Kyes; 2d Md., Lieut.-Col. Benjamin F. Taylor; 56th Mass., Maj. Zabdiel B. Adams, Col. Stephen M. Weld, Jr.; 6th N. H., Lieut.-Col. Phin. P. Bixby; 9th N. H., Capt. John B. Cooper; 11th N. H., Col. Walter Harriman, Capt. Hollis O. Dudley; 179th N. Y., Col. William M. Gregg, Maj. Albert A. Terrill; 186th N. Y., Col. Bradley Winslow, Lieut.-Col. E. Jay Marsh; 17th Vt., Maj. Lyman E. Knapp, Col. Francis V. Randall. Third division, Brig--Gen. John F. Hartranft. First Brigade, Lieut.-Col. W. H. H. McCall, Col. Alfred B. McCalmont: 200th Pa., Maj. Jacob Rehrer, Lieut.-Col. W. H. H. McCall; 208th Pa., Lieut.-Col. Mish T. Heintzelman; 209th Pa., Lieut.-Col. George W. Frederick. Second Brigade, Col. Joseph A. Mathews: 205th Pa., Maj. B. Mortimer Morrow, Cap
Wesley Merritt (search for this): chapter 17.112
; 27th N. Y., Capt. John B. Eaton; 34th N. Y., Capt. Jacob Roemer; D, Pa., Capt. Samuel H. Roads. cavalry: 2d Pa., Col. William W. Sanders. independent Brigade, Col. Charles H. T. Collis: 1st Mass. Cav., Maj. John Tewksbury; 61st Mass., Col. Charles F. Walcott; 80th N. Y. (20th Militia), Col. Jacob B. Hardenbergh; 68th Pa., Col. Andrew H. Tippin, Lieut.-Col. Robert E. Winslow; 114th Pa., Maj. Edward R. Bowen. cavalry, Maj.-Gen. Philip H. Sheridan. Army of the Shenandoah, Brig.-Gen. Wesley Merritt. first division, Brig.-Gen. Thomas C. Devin. First Brigade, Col. Peter Stagg: 1st Mich., Lieut.-Col. George R. Maxwell, Capt. Edward L. Negus; 5th Mich., Lieut.-Col. Smith H. Hastings; 6th Mich., Lieut.-Col. Harvey H. Vinton; 7th Mich., Lieut.-Col. George G. Briggs. Second Brigade, Col. Charles L. Fitzhugh: 6th N. Y., Maj. Harrison White; 9th N. Y., Maj. James R. Dinnin; 19th N. Y. (1st N. Y. Dragoons), Maj. Howard M. Smith; 17th Pa., Lieut.-Col. Coe Durland; 20th Pa., Lieut.-Col
Clifton K. Prentiss (search for this): chapter 17.112
eut.-Col. David J. Caw, Capt. Charles E. Stevens; 122d N. Y., Lieut.-Col. Horace H. Walpole; 61st Pa., Lieut.-Col. John W. Crosby, Col. George F. Smith. Third division, Brig.-Gen. Truman Seymour. First Brigade, Col. William S. Truex: 14th N. J., Lieut.-Col. Jacob J. Janeway; 106th N. Y., Col. Andrew N. McDonald; 151st N. Y. (5 co's), Lieut.-Col. Charles Bogardus; 87th Pa., Capt. James Tearney; 10th Vt., Lieut.-Col. George B. Damon. Second Brigade, Col. J. Warren Keifer: 6th Md., Maj. Clifton K. Prentiss, Lieut.-Col. Joseph C. Hill; 9th N. Y. Heavy Art'y, Lieut.-Col. James W. Snyder; 110th Ohio, Lieut.-Col. Otho H. Binkley; 122d Ohio, Lieut.-Col. Charles M. Cornyn; 126th Ohio, Col. Benjamin F. Smith; 67th Pa., Maj. William G. Williams; 138th Pa., Col. Matthew R. McClennan. artillery Brigade, Capt. Andrew Cowan: 1st N. J. (or A, 1st N. J.), Capt. Augustin N. Parsons; 1st N. Y., Lieut. Orsamus R. Van Etten; 3d N. Y., Capt. William A. Harn; L, 9th N. Y. Heavy, Capt. S. Augustus Howe
J. F. Cumming (search for this): chapter 17.112
n. Young M. Moody: 41st Ala., Col. Martin L. Stansel; 43d Ala., Maj. William J. Mims; 59th Ala., Maj. Lewis H. Crumpler; 60th Ala., Col. John W. A. Sanford; 23d Ala. Batt'n, Maj. N. Stallworth. Ranson's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Matthew W. Ransom: 24th N. C.,----; 25th N. C., Col. Henry M. Rutledge; 35th N. C., Maj. R. E. Petty; 49th N. C., Maj. Charles Q. Petty; 56th N. C., Col. Paul F. Faison. artillery, Col. H. P. Jones. Blount's Battalion: Ga. Battery, Capt. C. W. Slaten; N. C. Battery (Cumming's), Lieut. Alexander D. Brown; Va. Battery (Miller's),----; Va. Battery (Young's),----. Coit's Battalion: Miss. Battery (Bradford's),----; Va. Battery (R. G. Pegram's),----; Va. Battery (Wright's),----. Stribling's Battalion: Va. Battery (Dickerson's),----; Va. Battery (Marshall's), Lieut. T. Marshall; Va. Battery (Macon's),----; Va. Battery (Sullivan's), Lieut. William S. Archer. Smith's Battalion, Capt. William F. Dement: 1st Md. Battery, Lieut. John Gale; Va. Battery (Johnston's), Lieut.
Thomas L. Rosser (search for this): chapter 17.112
. H. Burt: 9th Va.,----; 10th Va.,----; 13th Va.,----; 14th Va.,----. Roberts's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. William P. Roberts: 4th N. C.,----; 16th N. C. Batt'n,----. Rosser's division, Maj.-Gen. Thomas L. Rosser. Dearing's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. James Dearing, Col. A. W. Harman: 7th Va.,----; 11th Va.,----; 12th Va., Col. A. W. HarmaMaj.-Gen. Thomas L. Rosser. Dearing's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. James Dearing, Col. A. W. Harman: 7th Va.,----; 11th Va.,----; 12th Va., Col. A. W. Harman; 35th Va. Batt'n,----. McCausland's Brigade: 16th Va.,----; 17th Va.,----; 21st Va.,----; 22d Va.,----. artillery, Lieut.-Col. R. B. Chew. Chew's Battalion: Va. Battery (Graham's),----; Va. Battery (McGregor's),----. Breathed's Battalion, Maj. James Breathed: Va. Battery (P. P. Johnston's),----; Va. Battery (Shoemaker's),-antry and cavalry present effective for the field. The artillery at this time probably numbered 5000, Custis Lee's division in the defenses of Richmond 3000, and Rosser's cavalry (which joined in March) 2000. After making due allowance for losses at Fort Stedman and along the lines up to March 28th, the effective strength of Lee
John N. Richards (search for this): chapter 17.112
l. James Grindlay, Lieut. Henry Loomis, Col. James Grindlay. Second Brigade, Col. Andrew W. Denison, Col. Richard N. Bowerman, Col. David L. Stanton: 1st Md., Col. David L. Stanton, Maj. Robert Neely; 4th Md., Col. Richard N. Bowerman, Maj. Harrison Adreon; 7th Md., Lieut.-Col. David T. Bennett, Maj. Edward M. Mobley; 8th Md., Lieut.-Col. E. F. M. Faehtz. Third Brigade, Col. James Gwyn: 3d Del., Capt. John H. Cade; 4th Del., Capt. W. H. Maclary, Maj. Moses B. Gist; 8th Del. (3 co's), Capt. John N. Richards; 157th (4 co's), 190th, and 191st Pa., Lieut.-Col. Joseph B. Pattee; 210th Pa., Col. William Sergeant, Lieut.-Col. Edward L. Witman. Third division, Brig.-Gen. Samuel W. Crawford. First Brigade, Col. John A. Kellogg: 91st N. Y., Col. Jonathan Tarbell; 6th Wis., Lieut.-Col. Thomas Kerr, Capt. Edward A. Whaley; 7th Wis., Lieut.-Col. Hollon Richardson. Second Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Henry Baxter: 16th Me., Col. Charles W. Tilden; 39th Mass., Lieut.-Col. Henry M. Tremlett, Capt. Joseph J
Deloss M. Johnson (search for this): chapter 17.112
21st Pa., Maj. West Funk; 142d Pa., Lieut.-Col. Horatio N. Warren. Unattached: 1st Battalion N. Y. Sharp-shooters, Capt. Clinton Perry. artillery Brigade, Col. Charles S. Wainwright: B, 1st N. Y., Capt. Robert E. Rogers; D, 1st N. Y., Lieut. Deloss M. Johnson; H, 1st N. Y., Capt. Charles E. Mink; M, 15th N. Y. Heavy, Capt. William D. Dickey; B, 4th U. S., Lieut. William P. Vose; D and G, 5th U. S., Lieut. Jacob B. Rawles. Sixth Army Corps, Maj.-Gen. Horatio G. Wright. Escort: E, 21st Pa. ry, Capt. Lorraine F. Jones. Hardaway's Battalion, Lieut.-Col. Robert A. Hardaway: Va. Battery (Dance's), Lieut. John R. Bagby; Va. Battery, Capt. Archibald Graham; Va. Battery, Capt. Charles B. Griffin; Va. Battery, Capt. Benjamin H. Smith, Jr. Johnson's Battalion, Lieut.-Col. Marmaduke Johnson: Va. Battery (Clutter's), Lieut. Lucas McIntosh; Va. Battery, Capt. John G. Pollock. Lightfoot's Battalion: Va. Battery (Caroline Art'y),----; Va. Battery (Nelson Art'y),----; Va. Battery (Surry Art'y),
. At the end of February, 1865 (according to the inspection reports), the Army of Northern Virginia had 3005 officers and 43,052 men of infantry and cavalry present effective for the field. The artillery at this time probably numbered 5000, Custis Lee's division in the defenses of Richmond 3000, and Rosser's cavalry (which joined in March) 2000. After making due allowance for losses at Fort Stedman and along the lines up to March 28th, the effective strength of Lee's army at the beginning oich joined in March) 2000. After making due allowance for losses at Fort Stedman and along the lines up to March 28th, the effective strength of Lee's army at the beginning of the campaign is estimated as follows: cavalry, 5000; artillery, 5000; infantry, 44,000 = 54,000. This does not include local troops and naval forces, of which no data are obtainable. Graves of Union soldiers at City Point. From a War-time photograph. View of Goldsboro‘, North Carolina. From a War-time sketch.
Archibald F. Lawhon (search for this): chapter 17.112
h Ga., Capt. J. N. Beall; 21st Ga., Capt. Ed. Smith; 44th Ga., Capt. John A. Tucker; Ga. Battery (Patterson's),----. Archer's Battalion, Temporarily attached during the retreat. Lieut.-Col. F. H. Archer: 3d Battalion Va. Reserves, Capt. John A. Rogers; 44th Battalion Va. Reserves, Capt. A. B. Morrison. Early's division, Brig.-Gen. James A. Walker. Johnston's Brigade, Col. John W. Lea: 5th N. C., Col. John W. Lea, Capt. J. M. Taylor; 12th N. C., Capt. P. Durham; 20th N. C., Lieut. Archibald F. Lawhon; 23d N. C., Capt. Abner D. Peace; 1st N. C. Batt'n, Lieut. R. W. Woodruff. Lewis's Brigade, Capt. John Beard: 6th N. C., Capt. Joseph H. Dickey; 21st N. C., Capt. John H. Miller; 54th N. C.,----; 57th N. C., Capt. John Beard. Walker's (late Pegram's) Brigade, Maj. Henry Kyd Douglas: 13th Va., Capt. George Cullen, Jr.; 31st Va., Maj. William P. Cooper; 49th Va., Capt. William D. Moffett; 52d Va., Capt. S. W. Paxton; 58th Va., Lieut. Robert L. Waldron. Gordon's division, Brig.-Gen
John P. Fitzgerald (search for this): chapter 17.112
pt. James Knox; 31st Ga., Capt. E. C. Perry; 38th Ga., Lieut.-Col. P. E. Davant; 60th and 61st Ga., Col. Waters B. Jones; 9th Ga. Battalion Art'y, Serg't. H. L. Crawford; 12th Ga. Battalion Art'y, Capt. S. H. Crump; 18th Ga. Battalion Art'y, Capt. George W. Stiles. Terry's Brigade, Col. T. V. Williams: 2d Va., Capt. Joseph J. Jenkins; 4th Va., Capt. Hamilton D. Wade; 5th Va., Capt. Peter E. Wilson; 10th Va., Lieut.-Col. D. H. Lee Martz; 21st Va., Col. William A. Witcher; 23d Va., Lieut.-Col. John P. Fitzgerald; 25th Va., Maj. Wilson Harper; 27th Va., Capt. Franklin C. Wilson; 33d Va., Capt. Henry A. Herrell; 37th Va., Capt. John A. Preston; 42d Va., Lieut. James L. Tompkins; 44th Va., Maj. David W. Anderson; 48th Va., Col. Robert H. Dungan. York's Brigade, Col. Eugene Waggaman: 1st La.,----; 2d La., Capt. A. S. Blythe; 5th La., Lieut. H. Baxter; 6th La., Maj. W. H. Manning; 7th La.,----; 8th La., Capt. Louis Prados; 9th La.,----; 10th La.,----; 14th La.,----; 15th La., Col. Edmund Pend
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