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Jubal A. Early 278 6 Browse Search
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February 23rd, 1865 AD (search for this): chapter 18.114
ama and Georgia. see General James H. Wilson's article, the Union cavalry in the Hood campaign, p. 465.--editors. In the spring of 1865 the cavalry corps commanded by General James H. Wilson was encamped at Gravelly Springs and Waterloo, Alabama [see map, p. 414], on the north bank of the Tennessee, with a base of supplies at Eastport, Mississippi. The following condensation of General Wilson's report of June 29th, 1865, summarizes the final operations of his corps: On the 23d of February, 1865] General Thomas arrived at Eastport with instructions directing me to fit out an expedition of five or six thousand cavalry for the purpose of making a demonstration upon Tuscaloosa and Selma in favor of General Canby's operations against Mobile and Central Alabama. [See p. 411.] . . . The instructions of Lieutenant-General Grant, transmitted to me by General Thomas, allowed me the amplest discretion as an independent commander. The movement was delayed nearly three weeks by heav
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