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May 5th, 1862 AD (search for this): chapter 16
Therefore he sought and obtained leave of Heintzelman to throw his command on the Hampton or Warwick road; and in the mean time Sumner, with Smith's division, moved on to the point where Stoneman was halting, at five o'clock in the evening. These bivouacked for the night. Hooker pressed forward along the Hampton road, and took position on the left of Smith's at near midnight. Rain was then falling copiously, and the roads were rendered almost impassable. There all rested until dawn, May 5, 1862. when Hooker again pressed forward, and at half-past 5 came in sight of the Confederate works, the spires of Williamsburg appearing in the distance across the open level land. Before the Nationals for nearly half a mile the way was obstructed by felled trees, and the open plain beyond was thickly dotted with rifle-pits. Knowing that thirty thousand troops were within supporting distance of him, and the bulk of the Potomac Army within four hours march, Hooker made an immediate advance
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