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Edward Pollard 48 4 Browse Search
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August 13th, 1857 AD (search for this): chapter 6
s his arm about the back of the chair of H. S. M.! Oh, heavens! what next? Will not that arm descend upon that snowy and swan-like neck, which we have all so much admired in engravings? Goodness gracious! what might have followed? From the chair-back to that other back, and so on! Depend upon it we were only saved by good luck from a war which all the cunning of diplomacy could not have averted! Oh, Diamond! Diamond! thou little knowest the mischief thou hast done! cried Newton when an ill-conditioned cur overthrew a candle, and burned all the crooked mathematical computations of years. Oh, John Y. Mason! say we, thou little knowest what mischief thou wert in danger of doing! The venerable Benton once said of Embassador John: If the man has a belly-full of oysters and a handful of trumps, he will thank God for nothing more! If that hand had been going it better or nary pair on that fatal night, we should have been saved from this national discredit. August 13, 1857.
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