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Edgefield (Tennessee, United States) 164 2 Browse Search
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Fort Henry (Tennessee, United States) (search for this): chapter 2
epartment, if you consider them worthy, and make such other proper use of them as you deem proper. Very respectfully, and truly, yours, I. W. Garrott. [March 12, 1862.--For Jefferson Davis to A. S. Johnston, in reference to fall of Forts Henry and Donelson and affairs generally in Kentucky and Tennessee, see Series I, Vol. VII, p. 257.] Jackson, Tenn., March 12, 1862. Major-General Polk: General Chalmers telegraphs from Iuka: Some of boats in sight at Eastport when my pickets lel. By command of Major-General Bragg: Geo. G. Garner, Assistant Adjutant-General. By command of General Beauregard: Thomas Jordan, Assistant Adjutant-General. [March 18 1862.--For A. S. Johnston to Jefferson Davis in reference to Forts Henry and Donelson and affairs generally in Kentucky and Tennessee, see Series I, Vol. VII, p. 258.] Decatur, March 18, 1862. Maj. Gen. W. J. Hardee, Huntsville: Enemy in large force opposite Columbia. Order Morgan's cavalry to move forward t
Coahoma (Mississippi, United States) (search for this): chapter 2
n the 26th instant. Hereto attached is the only report I have had from Captain Hill, which is marked A. The following list will show the names of owners and the number of bales of cotton destroyed by me with the steamer Milton Brown: * * * * * * * Recapitulation.--Total number of bales, 13,612. O. P. Lyles, Capt., Arkansas Volunteers, C. S. Army, Commanding, &c. Forwarded June 2, 1862, through General Beauregard, by General Van Dorn to War Department. [inclosure A.]Coahoma City, Miss., May 12, 1862. Captain Lyles: We have run as far as we have wood and think ourselves safe. Our men is all sick. Captain Johnson is very sick. We are not able to get out of the way of the enemy if we were pursued. The Emma Bet has not got wood to run here, neither can she get any. I thought I would get aboard of Johnson's boat and send this to you. If you think the Government wants her and you can get wood, you can send her back again to Memphis. If not, let her go to a place
Memphis (Tennessee, United States) (search for this): chapter 2
inth, March 30, 1862. Capt. E. J. Sanders, Memphis, Tenn.: sir: Your letter of the 29th instant trs, no. 63. headquarters Army of the West, Memphis, Tenn., April 23, 1862. * * * * * * * III. Hers, no 64. headquarters Army of the West, Memphis, Tenn., April 24, 1862. * * * * * * * VIII. h, April 26, 1862. Major-General Van Dorn, Memphis, Tenn.: Planters along Mississippi hesitate toto Corinth. They will at once encamp near Fort Pickering, draw their rations for ten days, and prepis date, headquarters Army of the West, at Memphis, Tenn. artillery Brigade. composition not statmmanding. headquarters Army of the West, Memphis, Tenn., April 29, 1862. C. F. Jackson, Governor mo, under your order, the quartermaster at Memphis, Tenn., furnished me four steamboats for cotton-b) in Crittenden County, Arkansas, opposite Memphis, Tenn., to destroy which I have detailed 2 men to State Guard, Comdg. Confederate Troops. Memphis, Tenn., June 5, 1862. Commodore J. E. Montgomery,[12 more...]
West Point (Mississippi, United States) (search for this): chapter 2
pley, good road, 27 miles. From Ripley to Pontotoc, good road, 32 miles. From Pontotoc to railroad, 16 miles. From Pontotoc to Houston, good road, 28 miles. From Houston to Aberdeen, good in dry weather, 35 miles. From Houston to West Point, good road, 40 miles. From Booneville to Carrollville, good road, 13 miles. From Carrollville to Saltillo, good in dry weather, 12 miles. From Saltillo to Harrisburg, bad. From Saltillo to Mooresville, good road, 10 miles. From Mooresville to Harrisburg, bad road, 8 miles. From Harrisburg to Tupelo, good road, 28 miles. From Tupelo to Okolona, good in dry weather, 19 miles. From Okolona to West Point, good in dry weather, 32 miles. From Okolona to Houston, good in dry weather, 18 miles. Roads to retire by in case of necessity: 1st. Corinth to Danville, by road east of railroad, via Widow Smith's and the Morrison house, destroying bridge across Tuscumbia, 1 mile from Danville (inquire if said bridge h
Florence, S. C. (South Carolina, United States) (search for this): chapter 2
unset. They said they would start for railroad this morning early. There is not water enough for the gunboats to go to Florence. They will stop at Pittsburg or Eastport. The enemy took in all pickets and guards at night. Later.--Shelling Eastpre seventy vessels. They have been here two days without attempting to land. It was said that Buell was advancing upon Florence and a column from Columbus on Memphis. The roads from Savannah to Florence very bad. River very high. No approach of eFlorence very bad. River very high. No approach of enemy at Eastport. James R. Chalmers, Brigadier-General. Tennessee River, near Red Sulphur Springs, Friday [March 14]-7 p. m. I write in haste to inform you that several of the enemy's gunboats and a large number of transports have just pass, 1862, as follows: Burn the Florence Bridge as soon as the enemy's gunboats may pass Eastport or the enemy approach Florence from north side of river. Place scouts, &c. A. S. Johnston, General, C. S. Army. headquarters Army of the Mississipp
Des Arc (Arkansas, United States) (search for this): chapter 2
S. Army. Jacksonport, March 29, 1862. General A. Sidney Johnston: Your order [23d instant] received. Will be executed as promptly as possible. I go this evening to see General Beauregard at his request, and to prepare army on the march to Des Arc. Earl Van Dorn. headquarters Department of East Tennessee, Knoxville, March 29, 1862. Brig. Gen. S. B. Maxey, Commanding, &c., Chattanooga, Tenn.: General: Your letter of 27th instant Not found. has just been received. Use every effort our army to this place. They will also bring back all arms that may be found or collected on the field. * * * * * * * By command of General Beauregard: Thomas Jordan, Assistant Adjutant-General. Corinth, April 9, 1862. General Van Dorn, Des Arc: Hurry your forces as rapidly as possible. I believe we can whip them again. The enemy, having been largely re-enforced on the night of the 6th with fresh troops from Buell's army, attacked us early next morning, but our forces defended the
Florida (Florida, United States) (search for this): chapter 2
Adams. Robertson's battery, Capt. F. H. Robertson. Claimed by Alabama and Florida.Ketchum's (Alabama) battery, Capt. W. H. Ketchum. Knoxville, Tenn., March 9his post to your command. If Dowd's (Twenty-fourth Mississippi) regiment from Florida arrived at Chattanooga detain it there. Telegraph General Johnston the condita. 1st Louisiana.5th Georgia. Robertson's battery. Claimed by Alabama and Florida. Burtwell's (Alabama) battery. Second Brigade. Fourth Brigade. Brig. Gen. Ja. 1st Louisiana.24th Alabama. Robertson's battery. Claimed by Alabama and Florida.5th Georgia.  Burtwell's battery. Second Brigade.Fourth Brigade. Brig. Gen.aching that point. I have telegraphed to learn whether the two regiments from Florida for which you asked can be spared, and, if so, will order them to Chattanooga. that as he telegraphed you on yesterday, two regiments have been ordered from Florida, to report to you at Chattanooga without delay. He is in receipt of a communi
Lebanon (Virginia, United States) (search for this): chapter 2
e months which he says can be organized in East Tennessee. R. E. Lee, General, Commanding. Richmond, Va., March 13, 1862. General Humphrey Marshall, Lebanon, Russell County, Va.: my dear sir: Immediately after the receipt of your private letter of the 8th instant Not found. I conferred with General Lee, whose letter will make my answer a special dispatch. I am, general, your obedient servant, H. Marshall, Brigadier-General. [Inclosures.] Order.] Headquarters of Brigade, Lebanon, Va., April 25, 1862. It being certified to the brigadier commanding that John P. Walter, Mitchel Walter, and James Walter, of the county of Wythe, have volunteencident to the defense of this exposed frontier. By order of H. Marshall, Brigadier-General, Commanding. Special orders, no.--. Headquarters of Brigade, Lebanon, Va., April 25, 1862. Captains of militia companies in the several counties in General Marshall's command, and whose companies are organized under the directions
Shelby (Tennessee, United States) (search for this): chapter 2
as determined to leave General Polk's corps at Saltillo for about three days. He therefore directs that you make all necessary arrangements to collect there provisions for about 8,000 men, should there be none at that point, Very respectfully, your obedient servant, A. R. Chisolm, Aide-de-Camp. Headquarters Porter's Partisans, Holly Springs, June 6, 1862. General G. T. Beauregard Commanding Western Department: General: Acting under your orders, I have caused to be burned in Fayette, Shelby, and Tipton Counties, Tennessee, and Marshall and De Soto Counties, Mississippi, upwards of 30,000 bales of cotton. My men have met with but little opposition. In obedience to your order I caused to be removed from Somerville, Tenn., to this place, when I felt constrained to fall back, two wagon loads of harness and four wagons and teams belonging to Confederate States. My scouts have just returned from the vicinities of Somerville, Bolivar, and Grand Junction. They report the enemy ad
Tennessee River (United States) (search for this): chapter 2
erful demonstration near Eastport, on the Tennessee River. My scouts just in report sixty transpor which stands 400 feet above the level of Tennessee River bank, and commands a perfect view of the es R. Chalmers, Brigadier-General. Tennessee River, near Red Sulphur Springs, Friday [March sufficiently long to justify the step. The Tennessee troops under General Johnston can be sent observation all the approaches from the Tennessee River in that direction. III. Captain Locketports, with troops and munitions, went up Tennessee River last week to Halleck. Transports go upd Helm's cavalry are on the north side of Tennessee River. With great respect, yours, truly, Jnoad from the latter point runs down to the Tennessee River opposite Cleveland. The major-general cond out cavalry without delay to watch the Tennessee River along your front, vigilantly observing alour reach, especially on this side of the Tennessee River, directing that the officer in command gi[13 more...]
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