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Harper's Ferry (West Virginia, United States) (search for this): chapter 36
Miss., 621. Hanover C. H., Va., 141. Harper's Ferry, Va., 199. Hatcher's Run, Va., 595. Helecond Bull Run, 189; commands a division at Harper's Ferry, 200; is engaged at Antietam, 206; takes WCol. A. C., defends Fort Donelson, 283. Harper's Ferry, battle and map of, 199; 200; in the hands53; cooperates with Jackson, 181; moves to Harper's Ferry, 200); at Fredericksburg, 344; at Chancells the Potomac and captures Martinsburg and Harper's Ferry, 199-200; 201; commands the left wing at AM., wounded at Malvern Hill, 166; moves to Harper's Ferry. 200; wounded at Gettysburg, 389; killed an, Gen., at second Bull Run, 188; moves to Harper's Ferry, 200; at Antietam, 206; wounded, 210. L McLaws, Gen., at Malvern Hill. 165; at Harper's Ferry, 200; attacks Maryland Heights. 200; at Anurg, 735. miles, Col. D. S., surrenders Harper's Ferry, and is killed, 201. Milledgeville, Ga.ill, Col. Eliakim, 112th N. Y., wounded at Harper's Ferry, 200. Shields, Gen. James. wounded, 11[2 more...]
Harpeth River (Tennessee, United States) (search for this): chapter 36
regg, Va., 734. Fort Harrison, Va., 593. Forts Jackson and St. Philip, La., 89. Fort Macon, N. C., 79. Fort Pemberton, Miss., 297. Fort Rosecrans, Tenn., 683. Fort Smith, Ark., 555. Fort Steedman, Va., 728. Fort Sumter (assault), 481. (do. (bombardment), 466. Fort Wagner (assault), 476. Franklin, Tenn., 285. Front Roval,Va., 134. Gallatin, Tenn., 213. Glasgow, Mo., 560. Grand Gulf, Miss., 302. Greensburg. Ky., 687. Grenada, Miss., 615. Gum Swamp, N. C., 463. Harpeth River, Tenn., 787. Harrison, Mo., 557. Harrisonburg, Va., 137. Hartsville, Mo., 447. Hartsville, Tenn., 271. Hatchie River, Miss., 230. Haymarket, Va., 182. Henderson's Hill, La., 537. Holly Springs, Miss., 286. Honey Hill, S. C., 696. Honey Springs, I. T., 449. Independence, Mo., 36; 560. Jackson, Miss., 317. James Island, S. C., 475. James River, Va., 727. Jefferson, Va., 395. Jenkins's Ferry, Ark., 553. Jericho Ford. Va., 577. Johnsonville, Tenn., 679. Jonesboroa, Ga., 6
Mississippi (Mississippi, United States) (search for this): chapter 36
Baltimore, Dec. 19, 1860. Judge Hand, Commissioner from Mississippi to Maryland, addressed an audience of about 5,000 citizens to-ni at the battles of the Wilderness, 568 to 571. Gholson, Gen., of Miss., killed at Egypt, 696. Gibbon, Brig.-Gen., at South Mountain. 19 Droop Mountain, Va., 404. Dublin Station. W. Va., 600. Egypt, Miss., 695. Elizabethtown, Ky., 283. Emmnitsburg Road, Md.,389. Fa. C., 715. Trevilian's, Va., 582. Tunnel Hill, Ga., 618. Tupelo. Miss., 622. Turner's Gap, Md., 196. Tuseumbia, Ala., 285. Union City, , 318; 617. Yellow Tavern, Va., 574. Zollicoffer, Tenn., 283. Mississippi, railroads broken in, 71-2; Rosecrans in, 75; cavalry raids to G; captures New Madrid and Island No.10, 55; 56; joins Halleck in Mississippi, 71; pursues Beauregard, 72 ; important letter intercepted by, 1, Col. Geo. E., defeats Marmaduke at Batesville, 447; at Guntown. Miss., 621. Warner, Gen., fights at Henderson's Hill, La., 537. Warre
Tupelo (Mississippi, United States) (search for this): chapter 36
ver, 279. Beauregard, Gen. P. G. T., 545; at Pittsburg Landing, 60; succeeds Johnston. 64; dispatches from, 66-70; extracts from his report of battle at Pittsburg Landing, 67, 69, 70; retreats to Corinth, 69-71; intrenches at, 71; retreats to Tupelo, 72; allusion to, 89; relinquishes command in Virginia, 112; in chief command at Charleston, 471; urges execution of prisoners, 523. Belgian Consul at St. Louis, arrested by Rosecrans as a conspirator, 557. Benedict, Col. Lewis, of N. Y., m Stony Creek, Va., 588. Strasburg, Va., 612. Suffolk, Va., 366. Sutherlands Depot, Va., 734. Talladega, Ala., 631. Tebb's Bend, Ky., 404. Thoroughfare Gap, Va., 183. Town Creek, N. C., 715. Trevilian's, Va., 582. Tunnel Hill, Ga., 618. Tupelo. Miss., 622. Turner's Gap, Md., 196. Tuseumbia, Ala., 285. Union City, Tenn., 618. Upperville, Va., 373. Valverde, N. M., 22. Washington City, 605. Washington, N. C., 482. Wauhatchie, Tenn., 434. Waynesboroa, Ga., 727. Weldon Road. Va
Hanover Court House (Virginia, United States) (search for this): chapter 36
Va., 343. Gaines's Mill, Va.. 154 Galveston Harb., Tex., 322. Gettysburg, Pa., 373. Glendale (or White Oak Swamp Br.), Va., 161. Guntown, Miss., 621. Hanover C. H., Va., 141. Harper's Ferry, Va., 199. Hatcher's Run, Va., 595. Helena, Ark., 320. Iuka, Miss., 223. Jackson, Miss., 306, Second do., 317. James Islandhattanooga, and Mission Ridge. 438 to 445; his official report, 443; losses on both sides, 446. branch, Gen. L. O'B., in command at Newbern, 77; defeated at Hanover C. H., 141-2; at second Bull Run, 189; killed at Antietam, 209. Brannan, Gen. J. M., at Chickamauga, 415; attacks Walker at Pocotaligo, 463. Brashear City, La., 137; 139. Porter, Col. P. A., killed at Cold Harbor, 582. Porter, Col. (Rebel), killed at Hartsville, 447. Porter, Gen. Fitz John, defeats Rebels at Hanover C. H., 141-2; commands at Gaines's Mill, 155-7; at Malvern Hill, 165; at Gainesville, 182-3-5-6; at Antietam, 208. Porter, Admiral D. D., in attack on defenses of
Great Run (Virginia, United States) (search for this): chapter 36
he Valley, 135; assigned to the army in Virginia, 172; his operations in the valley of the Shenandoah, 175; battle of Cedar Mountain, 177; supports Gen. Sigel at Great Run, 179; he reports movements of the enemy, 180; Washington City in command of, 194; commands Department of the Gulf, 327; invests and captures Port Hudson, 331 to . Buford, Gen., relieves Gen. Hatch, 175; guards the fords of the Upper Rapidan, 175; reports the enemy crossing Raccoon Ford, 175; services of his cavalry at Great Run 179; commands at Manassas Gap, 393; skirmish, 394. Bullen, Major, relieves Donaldsonville, 338. Bull Run second, battle of, 185-6; map of the field, 1847; 19. Millikin, Col., killed at Stone River, 281. Mill Spring, Ky., battle of; 42; 44. Milroy. Gen. R. H., at McDowell, Va., 132-3; at Cross-Keys, 138; at Great Run — at Gainesville, 183; abandons Winchester, 371. Mine Run, Va., Gen. Meade's advance to, 399. minor conflicts-- Aiken, S. C., 704. Allatoona, Tenn., 63
Newton (Florida, United States) (search for this): chapter 36
J. M., at Chickamauga, 415; attacks Walker at Pocotaligo, 463. Brashear City, La., surprised and captured by Dick Taylor, 337. Breckinridge, Gen. John C., 60, 61; defeated at Baton Rouge, La.. 102,103-4; his charge at Stone River, 279; at Chickamauga, 419; defeats Sigel at Newmarket, 599; routs Gillem at Morristown, 624. Breese, Capt., services of his iron-clads, 303. Bristow Station, Va., fights at, 181, 396. British aid to Rebellion, 642. British-Confederate corsairs, Tallahassee, Olustee, and Chickamauga set afloat, 645-6; estimate of captures by, 645. British Government connives at the building and fitting out of Southern war cruisers, 643; Southern corsairs permitted to fly English colors, 643. British M. Ps. build ships to aid Rebellion, 642. British neutrality, strange manifestations of, 643-4; American losses and feelings caused by, 644. British officers for the Rebellion, 643. British Proclamation of neutrality. 642. Brockenbrough, Col., a
South River, Ga. (Georgia, United States) (search for this): chapter 36
xtensive may be secession or repudiation, as long as there are any to uphold the sovereignty of the United States, I shall be with them supporting the flag. Yours, &c., Alexander T. Stewart. To Mr. J. P. Strange, Memphis, Tenn. The Appeal saw fit to accompany this letter by the comment that, after the Confederates should have thrashed the hireling hordes of New York into a proper appreciation of Southern rights, Stewart and his Black Republican comrades may feel inclined to come down South on a collecting tour. If so, they will be quite warmly received. The consummation of the War anticipated by The Appeal not having, thus far, been attained, it is presumed that the collecting tour has not yet been undertaken; hence, Memphis has thus far been constrained to restrict her amiable demonstrations to negroes. VII. while the outbreak and early stages of the Rebellion were signalized by conspicuous exhibitions not only of the blackest treachery but of amazing imbecility on
Prairie Grove (Arkansas, United States) (search for this): chapter 36
; reorganized by Unionists, 555; see Pea. Ridge, Prairie Grove. Arkansas, Rebel ram, passes through Union flleasant Hill, La., 542. Port Hudson, La., 329. Prairie Grove. Ark., 39. Proctor's Creek, Ga., 634. Pumpkinveld. 36; routs Rebels at Maysville, Mo., 87; at Prairie Grove. 38 to 41; at Honey Springs, 449. Boomer, Colrouts Rebels near Fayetteville, Ark., 37, 38; at Prairie Grove, 38 to 41; extracts from letters from, 88; 41; a1. Hindman, Gen. T. C., 36; 37; in command at Prairie Grove. 38 to 41; retreats from Prairie Grove, 40; at CPrairie Grove, 40; at Chickamauga, 422. Hinkley, Col. (Rebel), killed at Hartsville, 447. Hitchcock, Gem., his report of strengt Prairie D'Anne, Steele's battle at, 552. Prairie Grove, Ark., battle at, 38-41. Preble, commander Geo. klin's failure at, 339. Salomon, Gen., 36; at Prairie Grove, 39. Sanborn, Brig-Gen., at Iuka, 224; chases Stone River, 281. Stein, Gen., 27; killed at Prairie Grove, 40. Steinwehr's division, at Wauhatchie, 436
Missouri (Missouri, United States) (search for this): chapter 36
cy, liberating other prisoners by the way. In Missouri, Gen. John McNeil was charged with cruelty inville, 453; captured by Pleasanton's force in Missouri, 561. Caldwell, Brig.-Gen., at Antietam, 2ncoln, 253-5; proclamation of Gen. Fremont in Missouri, 239; Congress debating, 256. Emmett, Gen.essful on the Rapidan, 394; his operations in Missouri, 559. Plymouth, N. C., Wessells besieged btion of Richmond, 735. Pope, Gen. John, in Missouri, 26; flanks Island No.10, 54-5; captures New eler into East Tennessee, 433; of Shelby into Missouri, 453; of Rebel iron-clads from Charleston, 46erritory and Missouri, 453; Price's last into Missouri, 557; of Kilpatrick and Dahlgren near Richmon Brig-Gen., at Iuka, 224; chases Price in Western Missouri, 561. Saunders, Gen. W. S., of Ky., isn, 189. Schofield, Gen. John M., organizes Missouri militia, 35; 36; 37; succeeds Gen. Curtis, 44to St. Louis, 557; aids to drive Price out of Missouri, 559 to 562; at Nashville under Thomas, 562; [13 more...]
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