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Ulster County (New York, United States) (search for this): chapter 10
Va. 6 Chantilly, Va. 1 Place unknown 5 South Mountain, Md. 1     Present, also, at Beverly Ford; Gainesville; Groveton; Wilderness; Spotsylvania; North Anna; Totopotomoy; Cold Harbor; Appomattox. notes.--This regiment was from Ulster county, and was better known as the Twentieth, it having served in the State Militia for several years under that number. Although known officially as the Eightieth Infantry, it never accepted that designation, but adhered faithfully to its old mil5) 12 North Anna, Va. 1 White Oak Road, Va. 4 Totopotomoy, Va. 3 Picket Line, Va. 1 Present, also, at Fredericksburg; Wapping Heights; Kelly's Ford; Po River; Deep Bottom; Sailor's Creek; Farmville; Appomattox. notes.--Recruited in Ulster and Greene counties (Tenth Senatorial District), and organized at Kingston, N. Y. It was mustered into service on August 22, 1862, with 900 men, and was ordered immediately to Washington, where it went into Camp near the Chain Bridge. It was att
Jeffersonville, Ind. (Indiana, United States) (search for this): chapter 10
ock, Ga., July 28, 1864 1 Place unknown 2     Atlanta, Ga., Aug. 12, 1864 3     notes.--Organized at Harrisburg in the fall of 1861, from companies in various parts of the State. It left Harrisburg, December 19, 1861, and went to Jeffersonville, Ind., where it was placed in a Camp of Instruction, but after a four week's stay took the field in Kentucky and Tennessee. The Second and Third Battalions were actively engaged, May 5, 1862, in an affair at Lebanon, Tenn.; the Third Battalion, 9 Martinsburg, Va. 3 Fayetteville, W. Va., Sept. 10, 1862 22 Bolivar Heights, Va. 1 Wytheville, W. Va., July 18, 1863 6 Berryville, Va. 1 Point Pleasant, W. Va. 1 Opequon, Va. 17 Callahan Station, Va. 1 Fisher's Hill, Va. 3 Jeffersonville, Va. 1 Cedar Creek, Va. 8 Cloyd's Mountain, Va. 7 Beverly, W. Va. 6 Cove Mountain Gap, Va. 2 Guerillas 3 Buchanan, Va. 1 Place unknown 2 Present, also, at Piedmont, Va.; Lexington, W. Va.; Halltown, Va.; Martinsburg, Va.; Strasbu
Station West (Tennessee, United States) (search for this): chapter 10
c. 27, ‘64 1 Present, also, at Campbell's Station, Tenn.; Wilderness, Va.; Cold Harbor, Va.; a.; Vicksburg, Miss.; Jackson, Miss; Campbell's Station, Tenn.; Wilderness, Va.; Hatcher's Run, Va.a. 11 Petersburg, Va. (assault) 19 Campbell's Station, Va. 1 Picket, Va., June 23, 1864 2 Knos, Tenn. 1 Weldon Railroad, Va. 9 Campbell's Station, Tenn. 2 Peeble's Farm, Va. 2 Knoxville,ings, Tenn. 1 Boydton Road, Va. 1 Campbell's Station, Tenn. 1 Picket, Va., Dec. 13, 1864 1 Sion, Miss. 15 Peeble's Farm, Va. 3 Campbell's Station, Tenn. 6 Boydton Road, Va. 1 Knoxville, ckson, Miss. 1 Cold Harbor, Va. 1 Campbell's Station, Tenn. 16 Petersburg, Va. 3 Siege of Knoenth was engaged in a sharp fight at Campbell's Station, Tenn.,--November 16, 1863,--in which it lorings, Tenn. 1 Cold Harbor, Va. 1 Campbell's Station, Tenn. 7 Petersburg Assault, Va. (1864) 17 ing officer, was killed in the affair at Campbell's Station, it returned to Virginia where it took a[6 more...]<
Nickajack Creek (Georgia, United States) (search for this): chapter 10
, Sept. 23, 1861 1 Kenesaw, Ga. 12 Little Birch, Va., Oct. 21, 1861 1 Nickajack Creek, Ga. 1 South Mountain, Md. 24 Battle of Atlanta, Ga. 4 Antietam, Md. 233 Allatoona Pass, Ga. 17 Kenesaw Mountain, Ga. 1 Sherman's March 1 Nickajack Creek, Ga. 2 Place unknown 3 Present, also, at Fort Henry, Tenn.; Siege of Cokin's Mills, Miss; March to the Sea; The Carolinas; Brush Mountain, Ga.; Nickajack Creek, Ga.; Jonesboro, Ga.; Siege of Savannah; Pocotaligo, S. C.; Salkahatchie, S. 16. battles. K. & M. W. battles. K. & M. W. Fort Donelson, Tenn. 54 Nickajack, Ga. 1 Shiloh, Tenn. 15 Atlanta, Ga. 17 Corinth, Miss. 25 Jonesboro, Ga. 2Ezra Church, Ga. 3 Kenesaw Mountain, Ga. 2 Siege of Atlanta, Ga. 3 Nickajack Creek, Ga. 4 Lovejoy's Station, Ga. 2 On Picket, Ga., Sept. 5, 1864 1 Columbia, , Ga. 6 Savannah, Ga. 1 Picket, July 1, 1864 1 Pocotaligo, S. C. 1 Nickajack Creek, Ga. 4 Congaree Creek, S. C. 2 Atlanta, Ga., July 21, 1864 10 Bentonville,
Stony Run (Virginia, United States) (search for this): chapter 10
Dec. 5, 1863 1 New Market, Va., Oct. 8, 1864 1 Salem, Va., Nov. 9, 1862 1 Richmond Raid, Va., Mch. 1, 1864 2 Cedar Creek, Va., Nov. 12, 1864 3 Brandy Station, Va., June 9, 1863 5 New Kent C. H., Va., Mch. 3, 1864 1 Mt. Jackson, Va., Nov. 22, 1864 4 Aldie, Va., June 17, 1863 18 Craig's Church, Va., May 5, 1864 5 Ashland, Va., Mch. 15, 1865 2 Middleburg, Va., June 19, 1863 2 Hanover C. H., Va., May 29, 1864 2 Five Forks, Va., April 1, 1865 7 Upperville, Va., June 20, 1863 1 Stony Creek, Va., June 28, 1864 2 Deep Creek, Va., April 3, 1865 6 Jones's Cross Roads, Va., July 10, ‘63 2 Ream's Station, Va., June 29, 1864 4 Appomattox, Va., April 8, 1865 2 Brandy Station, Va., Sept. 14, 1863 1 Charlestown, W. Va., Aug. 22, 1864 2 On Picket and at Places Unknown 3 Present, also, at many other engagements in which it lost men wounded or captured, but none killed. notes.--Called the Harris Light in honor of the Honorable Ira Harris, of Albany, N. Y., then United States
Marye's Heights (Virginia, United States) (search for this): chapter 10
n it was hotly engaged at the storming of Marye's Heights, and in the covering of the retreat on thStation; White Oak Swamp; Crampton's Gap; Marye's Heights; Salem Heights; Gettysburg; Rappahannock;ant Seaver, who commanded the regiment at Marye's Heights and in most all its battles, again led thsburg, Va. 1 Petersburg, Va., 1864 2 Marye's Heights, Va. 1 Charlestown, W. Va. 11 Banks's Forolonel Barney, who commanded the Sixth at Marye's Heights and in the subsequent campaigns, was killen Days; Antietam; Fredericksburg (1862); Marye's Heights; Rappahannock Station; Fort Stevens; Apporedericksburg in the desperate assault on Marye's Heights. Ninety-Third New York Infantry--Morurg, Va. (1862) 2 Cedar Creek, Va. 6 Marye's Heights, Va. 15 Petersburg, Va., March 25, 1865 4 commanded the brigade in the fighting at Marye's Heights and Salem Church, in which the regiment ln. It took part in the bloody assault on Marye's Heights, where each man in the brigade placed a s[16 more...]
James Island (South Carolina, United States) (search for this): chapter 10
tles. K. & M. W. battles. K. & M. W. James Island, S. C. 20 Wilderness, Va. 26 Manassas, Va. tles. K. & M. W. battles. K. & M. W. James Island, S. C. 19 Deep Bottom, Va. 15 Pocotaligo, Snsville, Va. 1 Blue Springs, Tenn. 2 James Island, S. C. 36 Fort Sanders, Tenn. 5 Manassas, V command of the regiment. At the battle of James Island (Secessionville), it was in Stevens's Diviser Island, S. C. 4 North Anna, Va. 1 James Island, S. C. 1 Bethesda Church, Va. 1 South Mounttles. K. & M. W. battles. K. & M. W. James Island, S. C. 2 Bermuda Hundred, Va. 2 Pocotaligo,e's Point, S. C. 3 North Anna, Va. 2 James Island, S. C. 13 Bethesda Church, Va. 2 Manassas, ssault on the earthworks at Secessionville (James Island), June 16, 1862, the regiment signally disttles. K. & M. W. battles. K. & M. W. James Island, S. C. (1863) 18 Honey Hill, S. C. 3 Fort WOlustee, Fla. 14 Charleston, S. C. 1 James Island, S. C. (1864) 1 Georgetown, S. C. 1 Morris [3 more...]<
Goshen, N. Y. (New York, United States) (search for this): chapter 10
s Run, Va., March 31, 1865 1 Mine Run, Va. 2 Petersburg, Va., April 1, 1865 1 Wilderness, Va. 8 Sailor's Creek, Va. 6 Spotsylvania, Va. 18 On Picket, Va., September 14, 1864 1 North Anna, Va. 2 On Picket, Va., September 15, 1864 1 Totopotomoy, Va. 1     Present, also, at Manassas Gap; Fredericksburg; Auburn; Cold Harbor; Strawberry Plains; Deep Bottom; Poplar Spring Church; Farmville; Appomattox. notes.--Recruited in Orange county in August, 1862, and organized at Goshen, N. Y. It was mustered into service there, and five days later it crossed the Potomac, 930 strong. After two months service in Virginia, the regiment joined the Army of the Potomac at Harper's Ferry. It was placed in Whipple's Division, with which command it was under fire at Fredericksburg, and hotly engaged at Chancellorsville. In the latter engagement it lost 28 killed, 161 wounded, and 15 missing; a total of 204 out of 550 engaged. The regiment marched on the field of Gettysburg with 29
Wayne County (North Carolina, United States) (search for this): chapter 10
rg, Va. 15     Present, also, at Fort Stevens; Snicker's Gap; Charlestown; Halltown; Smithfield; Hatcher's Run; Appomattox. notes.--Organized, originally, as the One Hundred and Thirty-eighth Infantry. It was recruited in Cayuga and Wayne counties, and left Auburn on September 12, 1862. While stationed in the fortifications about Washington it was changed to heavy artillery November 9, 1862, and two additional companies, L and M, were added. Company M was organized originally at Lock, 1864 1 Present, also, at Auburn; Cold Harbor; Mine Run; Morton's Ford; Deep Bottom; Strawberry Plains; Hatcher's Run; Sailor's Creek; Farmville; Appomattox. notes.--Organized at Auburn, N. Y., from companies recruited in Cayuga and Wayne counties. The regiment was mustered into service on August 20, 1862, and left Auburn the following day for Harper's Ferry, where, after joining that ill-fated garrison, it was included in its surrender shortly afterwards. The men were released on pa
Oswego (New York, United States) (search for this): chapter 10
N. C.; Free Bridge, N. C.; Williamston, N. C. Dismal Swamp, Va.: Proctor's Creek, Va.; Bermuda Hundred, Va.; Fall of Richmond. notes.--Recruited principally at Oswego, in the fall of 1861. It left Oswego January 20, 1862, with 750 men, and at Albany received 250 more, who had been recruited in Oneida county. It left the StateOswego January 20, 1862, with 750 men, and at Albany received 250 more, who had been recruited in Oneida county. It left the State in February, 1862, and upon its arrival at Washington was assigned to Palmer's Brigade, Casey's Division, Fourth Corps. The regiment fought well at Fair Oaks, under command of Lieutenant-Colonel DeForest, who was wounded, and Major McAmbly, who was killed there. Upon the withdrawal of the Army from the Peninsula, the Eighty-fir at Chancellorsville; Totopotomoy; Boydton Road; Hicksford; Chapel House; Appomattox. notes.--The One Hundred and Forty-seventh was organized in the city of Oswego, N. Y., from companies recruited in Oswego county, and was mustered into service on September 23, 1862. Its first casualties in battle occurred May 29, 1863, in the
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