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Benjamin F. Butler 1,260 10 Browse Search
U. S. Grant 1,168 12 Browse Search
United States (United States) 1,092 0 Browse Search
Washington (United States) 694 24 Browse Search
David D. Porter 362 4 Browse Search
Fortress Monroe (Virginia, United States) 358 8 Browse Search
H. W. Halleck 335 5 Browse Search
Fitzhugh Lee 333 1 Browse Search
Massachusetts (Massachusetts, United States) 308 0 Browse Search
Baltimore, Md. (Maryland, United States) 282 2 Browse Search
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e fact to be that we have not circulation enough. Compare it with what was the circulation before the war. Mr. Chase reported the circulation of this country before the war, including gold, to be about $477,000,000, and upon examination I can see no reason to find fault with that estimate. Now we have only $550,000,000 in actual circulation, though we are doing more than three times the business calling for the use of cash that we were doing before the war. During the ten years from 1847 to 1857 the deposits and circulation of the banks averaged about thirteen dollars per capita. Now, on account of our doing so much more of our business for cash, the deposits and circulation of the banks are about twenty-four dollars per man. And if you take into consideration the currency furnished by the United States, the $300,000,000 of greenbacks, or about that sum, you will find that it is about thirty-four dollars per capita, reckoning thirty-six million people in the United States. This sho
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